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Dolphin Networks offers full services in SharePoint Consultancy, Office 365, Business Intelligence Applications, Cloud and Mobile computing and Data Warehousing. We also couple this very closely with developing custom applications to provide a front-end interface to data driven solutions.

Who We Are

We are a Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure Partner which enables us to offer our clients the benefits of discounted rates on cloud computing and O365 licensing. We help our clients leverage the best value for money from their investment in SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server and cloud computing. To enable us to deliver cost affective and rapidly developed solutions, we became a UK partner and reseller of the award-winning Business Process Management Suite, Webcon Business Process Solutions.

Who We Work With

At Dolphin Networks, we work with medium and large businesses. We scope and deliver many business process management solutions hosted in SharePoint for our clients. We also have a dedicated HelpDesk service that provides a cost-effective way for our clients to outsource their support requirements as and when needed.

SharePoint Consultants

Offering Professional SharePoint Consulting


As Microsoft Certified SharePoint Consultants, we are able to provide development, consulting and support service across the whole SharePoint platform; from on premise to online (O365). Using SharePoint to its full potential can help your business to grow and work in a more effective manner. With a team of experienced and professional SharePoint Consultants, we can provide the advice and assistance needed to ensure your company has the best possible business management system in place. We believe in providing ongoing SharePoint consulting services to ensure that all of our clients benefit from the potential that SharePoint offers.

SharePoint Consulting Service

Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

As Microsoft Certified Professionals, we are able to provide our SharePoint Consulting service to ensure you’re using it in the best possible way. SharePoint is an online collaboration platform that is nearly endless with possibilities. When used in the right way SharePoint will improve the way your employees collaborate. As SharePoint Consultants, we can consult with you about document management, project management, business intelligence, marketing and integration.

SharePoint is something which all businesses should use, it is one of the top business collaboration resources available today. A web-based platform, which integrates with Microsoft Office, and offers document management and storage. Not only does SharePoint provide a consistent user experience, simplifying how employees interact with business data, processes and content, but helps companies to meet regulatory requirements to. You can specify security settings, expiration actions, auditing policies and storage policies in alignment with compliance regulations.

Choosing Dolphin Networks to provide you with ongoing SharePoint consulting means we can help you to plan, design, manage and fully integrate SharePoint into your business.


SUPERPOWER within your reach

Business Process Management Applications

What is WEBCON? WEBCON BPS creates a single, convenient digital workplace that assists employees with their day-to-day tasks. With the efficient look and feel of SharePoint and handy Outlook and Word integrations and support for mobile devices.

Imagine an intranet that staff love, that allows them to get their work done efficiently within a single digital workplace, and that keeps up with the changes of today’s fast paced business.

Businesses can enjoy a unified digital platform whose goal is to make their staff more effectual and ultimately drive business growth and delivery.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Consultants & Development

Business Intelligence is a big subject. For some it can mean having a reporting portal to run regular static reports on day-to-day business data. For others it can mean operating a full data warehouse hosting large amounts of company wide data and offering self-service dashboard building and ad-hoc reporting for their business managers. BI can also encompass Big Data to gain some insights and value from non-relational data from many sources that come together to provide answers and value that might not be so main stream and obvious.

With our consultancy service, we can help your business to run more efficiently. If you’re in need of business intelligence consultancy, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of the Dolphin Networks teams are always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries. Our team are Microsoft Qualified Business Intelligence consultants ready to help you with your Power BI project. At Dolphin Networks, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified Business Intelligence consultants that we can outsource to you on a short term or fixed term basis – for more information, simply get in touch now to hear about our incredibly low market rates.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing Specialists

The purpose of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) should be to provide an all-encompassing view of your organisation from whatever view point you are interested in. The warehouse itself can be a logical design which includes multiple data marts servicing different areas of the business. It could also be a simple, small schema that simply serves as a master data repository for your organisations hierarchical data sets.

The most important part of any data warehouse project is to plan, discuss, design and test until you have a fit for purpose solution. The mistake made by many data warehousing projects is that it will grow out of an operational data store into a read only repository that will service reports. A well-designed data warehouse tells a story about your company.  Find out more about data warehousing.



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