11 Things that can Make or Break an Office-based Business

As a business owner you’ll understand the ups and downs that come with working in an office. The Monday morning blues, ‘hump day’ mid-week Wednesday, and the final push toward Friday are no stranger to you. However, it’s key to recognise and reduce the external stress your staff may experience while at work. It will help with staff retention levels, and the overall moral of your team will increase. Eleven of the common ‘office environment downers or stressors’ are:

  1. Wall Colour

Believe it or not the colour of your office walls, can have a significant impact on your staff’s overall state of mind. Dark colours will promote feelings of negativity, feeling bored, uninspired and demotivated. Light airy colours will open up your office space. Bright or bold colours can be suggested as colours that will engage your staff, and increase their mood levels. In addition to the colour it’s important to consider your office’s structure, and where it is located. You should aim for a professional finish, using the right type of paint. An office in an industrial area may require a certain kind of paint, to give a professional finish, Promain Paint provide only the highest standard of paint products. Sloppy craftsmanship will have the same damaging impact on your staff’s overall feelings. If the building has not been decorated with pride, why should they take pride in their jobs?


  1. Furniture

Comfortable and safe furniture will encourage your staff come into work, and spend time at their desks actually working. With uncomfortable furniture or a general lack of it will lead to unproductive staff, that probably feel as though they don’t wish to be there. This could result in more ‘sick days.’ When considering furniture for your office keep in mind things like comfort, size, function and flexibility, cost, your staff’s needs and branding, Fusion Office Design are furniture specialists and can help provide a professional opinion.


  1. Interior Decor

The interior decor of your office space is inclusive of the overall brand of your business. Branding is what helps not just staff, also customers identify with you as a business, and your values. With a lack of branding present not only will no one know who you are, your staff members may not fully buy into your values and priorities as a business. Simple things like logos, uniforms etc. all help with branding and identification. It’s a reminder of who you are as a business, and what your staff need to do to represent it in the best light. To incorporate a recognisable brand signage will help with this. It could be simple things like eye catching wall art. A1deSIGNS and SignStar are ideal places to start with signage and visual merchandising.


  1. Printed Media

This follows on with the branding of your business. Leaflets, compliment slips, and letter heads are all examples of printed media, that you can brand, to give your business an identity. You never have a second opportunity to make a first impression, make sure your first impression counts with a professional look, that your staff can also be proud of. Wensum Print are a printing company specialising in stationery and branding to help give your business the finishing touches of professionalism.


  1. Flooring

Would you feel comfortable working around on dirty, worn and unhygienic flooring? No, and neither would your staff either. It goes without saying the flooring needs to be safe, clean and fit for purpose. Inspect your flooring for signs of wear and tear, and pay attention to how clean they are. If needed replace it or call in a professional cleaner. It also gives the wrong impression to your staff members with floors that are worn and unclean. Henderson’s Flooring is one of the leading choices to consider for replacing existing flooring. They have a range of carpets, tiles and wood to suit your office’s needs.


  1. Condition Of The Air

Working in an uncomfortable temperature either too hot or cold, will slow down the productivity of your staff. You will also probably be faced with many complaints. Ensure that your central heating system is in top shape for the colder months, or invest in some portable heaters. In the summer make sure you have enough fans placed around the office. Air Force UK is an ideal place to help ensure the condition of the air is just right for your staff.


  1. Power

Lack of power will cost your business both time and money, your staff will of course disengage with their tasks with constant power failure. Bellwood Rewinds specialise in a variety of generators as a backup source, should you experience a power failure.


  1. Communication

A breakdown in communication is not only bad for your staff and their ability to keep on top of tasks, it may also send your customers to a competitor. This is the last thing you want as a business owner. Ensure that your systems are networked correctly with a reliable and trustworthy provider. A good IT company like Eclipse ICT can help oversee the smooth running of your communication systems. In addition, have you thought about checking if you can find a better deal for your phone line and broadband? ITS Telecom offer a range of affordable deals to help reduce costs.


  1. Software

Software and communication go hand in hand, if yours is non-existent or outdated it is time or an upgrade! Efficient running software will help you keep ahead of your competitors, and make daily life easier for your staff. At Dolphin Networks we specialise in a range of software to help get you back on track. Microsoft SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Office 365 are a few packages on offer.


  1. Security

This is essential not just for your staff to feel safe at work, but also for your business. CCTV can do two things, help to ensure that your staff are behaving in line with your business’ code of conduct, also be a deterrent for intruders. Roller shutters will ensure that there are no unwelcome visitors. QSec specialise in roller shutters for your protection and peace of mind. Your data will also need protecting from hackers with secure servers. Your business can be ruined without an intruder even setting foot on your property, just by hacking your systems and emails.


  1. Illness

As the months get colder viruses and bugs will come out to play, your staff members will unfortunately become sick at some point. The more staff you have, the more potential staff members might be off sick for a few days. This will impact on your business’ ability to function and productivity. As an employer you can prevent this, and at the same time show that you care about your staff’s welfare, by offering a flu vaccination during the winter months. Broadgate GP offer a flu vaccination service, a specially trained healthcare provider can come right to your door and vaccinate your staff members who have opted in for the service if you wish.

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