5 Reasons Why We Love WEBCON BPS 2019

5 Reasons Why We Love WEBCON BPS 2019

The App

As of 2019, WEBCON can run as an independent app on mobile, this is perfect if your company does not require the collaboration tools of a bespoke SharePoint site but still requires a workflow solution in order to process data. It’s also great for employees that travel, with the option of imputing data on a mobile device, data is less likely to be forgotten about.

Office 365 and SharePoint Integration

On the other hand, having all your companies’ tools in one place makes your entire internal system simpler and more user-friendly. WEBCON was originally built to run on SharePoint and still does an outstanding job of this till this day. Often viewed as a far more powerful tool than Microsoft workflow solution, WEBCON helps the user figure out not what data you need, but why you need it. The WEBCON BPS ‘Portal’ (full-screen) interface for Office 365 feels familiar to Office 365 users allowing your company to migrate easily. Underneath the SharePoint add on is the same workflow system used with the WEBCON platform.

WEBCON in a SharePoint site

The Suite

The WEBCON BPS is a low code flowchart-based program that makes funnelling data quick and simple. It has all the tools required to create a fully functioning business application tool, this includes workflow editor, forms editor, rules editor, bi-directional data integration, actions, mobile access, even OCR. This is all powered by InstantChange™ technology . Need to change one of your processes? Simply drag and drop the appropriate functions into your workflow and your refreshed system is ready in minutes.

The Company

We love working WEBCON! They are an easy to approach and collaborative company that supports each and every one of the partners and clients materials and technical advice. With 13 years of experience and large clients such as EDF Energy, Siemens and Hala/Dominos Pizza (Developed by Dolphin Networks) WEBCON is a company we trust with clients of all sizes. They are always on top of updating and releasing new versions of there platform when new developments are made, they also attend SharePoint conferences all over the world and invest a lot of time in the SharePoint community.

The Reliability

WEBCON is a reliable system that is built to last. When a process is built it is designed to last a lifetime, and if it needs changing during a company’s growth, it can be updated with little to no disruption. ‘The platform is designed to minimize the effort and cost of maintenance. In WEBCON BPS you build applications by creating reusable actions, business rules, forms, and data models. Now you can easily introduce any tweaks and changes, whenever you need or want. The system provides neat error and event reporting, allowing to identify the root cause of any issue immediately. InstantChange™ technology allows applying fixes directly on the production environment without interfering with end users’ work.’- WEBCON.

Is your company struggling to process data effectively, annual leave, expenses, multi-office management? If you can think of a long-winded repetitive process that takes too much time to run through the books, we can build a fast and effective solution with WEBCON. We understand that investing in software can be a tough decision, will we use it, will it save us time and money, will it cause me more grief than I already have? We are excited to announce we are offering a free 2-month WEBCON trial service.

This offer includes up to five users/CALs, weekly guidance training consultation, one bespoke proof of concept process, cloud hosted by Dolphin Networks. If you would like to invest in WEBCON after the 2 months are over, we can open your first process to as many users as you like and expand on your WEBCON system. Along with this, we can also build you a bespoke SharePoint Intranet which can host your WEBCON system, WEBCON syncs with Office 365 which creates a smooth transition for your employees from your old system.

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