6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Company Intranet

6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Company Intranet

1. Staff Management

With a bespoke SharePoint Intranet, managers can set tasks for their team; upload and share documents to each other whilst sending feedback; keep score and success rate of task completion for individuals and group of employees; have live blogs and company updates from your website appear on your intranet home screen, giving your employees live company updates, notifications can be set up to pop up when a new announcement is live; non website exclusive articles can also be uploaded.


2. Document Collaboration

Rather than emailing documents back and forth you can edit them together within SharePoint using the rest of the Office 365 suite. Permissions can be set for different users to have different levels of editing rights, these can go from temporary view only permission, comments only and full editing rights.


3. Business Tools

We can create bespoke tools to be embedded within your site to help with day to day business tasks. For example, for one client we created a code converter which produced new product codes from their old system. WEBCON BPS is a low code business process management system that can be embedded into a SharePoint site. WEBCON’s workflow system allows us to create bespoke business process making tasks that used to take hours to process, take minuets. Tools we can make using WEBCON include processes such as leave requests and Expense Claims. If you are wondering about the processes you could have digitized through WEBCON, think about the paperwork regularly which goes through the office and takes too long to go through management. WEBCON can create documents from templates, send email notifications, redirect process when items aren’t accepted or need to be reviewed elsewhere.

4. Company Carbon Footprint

With a company intranet you will be able to drastically improve your company carbon footprint with the amount of paper an intranet saves. With the previously mentioned Business Tools there will be fewer reasons to use the printer!


5. Cloud and Mobile Advantages

Thanks to SharePoint and O365 mobile apps you have access to all your intranet document libraries and any feature made with Microsoft widgets at your disposal. Need to do a quick change on a PowerPoint whilst on the train? No problem! A manager asked you to update a document urgently when you’re at home? Text them back saying ‘No Problem’ and make the adjustments within minutes!

6. Built-in Business Intelligence

Your Bespoke SharePoint Intranet can include live analytics displayed through graphs and charts. You can give access to those who can see this information and who can’t, this information can be displayed on the home page or other parts of the site. By having all this information in one place, managing your team becomes simpler.

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