A Business Process Management Program That Works with SharePoint

A Business Process Management Program
That Works with SharePoint


WEBCON is our go to Business Process Management solution. Its ability to run independently on PC and mobile as well as its effortless integration to any SharePoint intranet site makes it a great solution for many data processing problems your company may face. This blog will show you how WEBCON works within a SharePoint site and the positive effects this could have on your business.

WEBCON starts with a low code workflow. The workflow is like a map for your data consisting of IF, OR, and NOT functions. It can trigger email notifications and create documents based of custom templates. WEBCON then uses the workflow to create a form for users to fill out either using the WEBCON app or on your SharePoint site. The data collected is then stored on the custom template within a SharePoint Library and or sent to an inbox. When on SharePoint a user can then use the search bar or file explore to find the document.


Wondering what sort of solutions WEBCON can Provide?

  • Bespoke CRM Systems which integrate into your current system;
  • Design and deploy companywide IT reporting and support ticketing systems;
  • Integrate with Business Intelligence solutions;
  • Integrate with Microsoft Project and carry out (along with reporting) project tasks just like in case of regular workflows;
  • Display progress, vacation charts, documents in the form of a Gantt chart;
  • Create solutions tailored to your specific needs.


We are currently offering a free business process management trial. The 2-month free WEBCON offer enables businesses the opportunity to explore and deep dive into WEBCON. Some examples of WEBCON processes for different organisational departments: https://webcon.com/solutions-by-department The FREE trail also includes one bespoke proof of concept and 5 CALS – at no cost or risk.

We provide Business Process Management solutions with WEBCON but also, we can offer SharePoint solutions providing a holistic SharePoint and Office 365 platform for your business. Clients include; Volkswagen, Orange, Tesco’s, Eggborough Power, AECOM, Siemens & Invesco.

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