AECOM – SharePoint Migration and Upgrade

AECOM Case Study – SharePoint Middle East Migration Project

AECOM is a huge construction and services company employing over 100,000 people worldwide.

We are a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

In the Middle East offices based in Dubai the company had a large SharePoint 2007 farm that had been in operation for some years serving the HR function in the region.

Hosted on server operating systems and database systems that were soon to be deprecated by Microsoft, coupled with the very outdated SharePoint 2007 installation, it was clear that some action had to be taken to review the farm and plan to migrate and upgrade the system as a whole.

The problem was that after a large company acquisition and movement of resources within the company, all technical knowledge of the farm’s implementation had not been properly maintained, and hence there were large gaps in the understanding of the farm’s content and maintenance requirements. This was recognised by the company CIO, and therefore a plan of action was needed to reduce the exposure of risk to this application’s function.

Dolphin Networks Solution

Working onsite in the Middle East offices, Dolphin Networks experienced SharePoint technician spent 10 days doing a full technical review of the SharePoint 2007 farm. The review was conducted in such a way that no disruption of service or major changes were invoked on the farm so as not to cause disruption to staff members.

The review and assessment covered all aspects of the technical makeup of the farm including the server configurations, database health check, backup and disaster recovery procedures as well as the content on the farm and an assessment of content that could be targeted for archiving prior to any migration work being undertaken.

A series of meetings and interviews was also conducted with various management level staff members to try to establish any key points of failure and pain points that could be addressed as part of the migration and upgrade process.

The Course of Action

As a result of the onsite analysis, Dolphin Networks business analysts reviewed and analysed all the data from the findings to produce a clear and concise document covering the full makeup, risks, technical issues and impact of a SharePoint migration.

This document was presented to AECOM technical leadership team with a view to highlight some immediate action needed to stabilise the current farm, and also a plan of action that was needed to perform a migration to SharePoint 2013.

The follow-on project from this was for Dolphin Networks to create a migration plan and return to the Middle East offices to carry out the migration including doing full test migrations prior to go-live and also remain onsite for a period of time after the migration to ensure there were no pending issues and that all users were satisfied they could use the new farm with no issues.


Dolphin Networks has completed several SharePoint, Business Intelligence and web development projects for us.

They are always on-hand and ready to mobilise on a project right when we need them, sometimes at very short notice but always with the right people and skills to get the job done.

Their flexibility to service our needs from the start with minimal lead time, and their ability to completely understand our requirements immediately is why we have used them for outsourcing requirements and why we will continue to use them.

Results, speed of delivery and a cost effective professional service is what we need for our dynamic and demanding business. Dolphin Networks has delivered this to us time and time again.

Steve Capper – Global CIO – AECOM

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