Artificial Intelligence: Copilot in 2024 and a Glimpse into Apple Intelligence

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AI is something that everyone is speaking about today. There was a time when an encyclopedia was the only way to get information about something, then came the launch of search engines like the W3 Catalog, Yahoo, Google and now we have Artificial Intelligence! We have previously discussed Microsoft’s Copilot and its implementation in different Microsoft applications in more detail. If you are new to Copilot, check out these blogs (What is Microsoft Copilot and How Will It Affect The Future of Work?, Microsoft 365 Copilot: When and What To Expect) for a brief introduction on the product. Today we’re going to dive into some of the new features introduced to this AI tool.

What’s New in Copilot | May 2024

As we humans advance, AI advances with us. This year Microsoft launches some more amazing features to Copilot to improve both admin capabilities and end user capabilities. Firstly, lets look at the exciting updates to help with administrative works and management.

    Admin and Management Capabilities:
  • Microsoft Purview AI Hub → Now in Public Preview, the AI Hub can help manage risk and compliance requirements for AI apps, including Copilot. It provides insights into sensitive data shared with Copilot, user interactions and risk levels. Also, non-compliant AI use can now be detected.
  • Automate Tasks with Copilot Extensions → You can now extend Copilot’s capabilities by automating tasks across your organisation using Copilot extensions.
  • Review and Audit Site Permissions → Restricted SharePoint Search can be used to review and audit site permissions effectively.
  • Integrate and Innovate → The new Copilot connectors can be used to integrate and innovate within workflows.
    End-User Capabilities:
  • Transform Teamwork with Copilot in Planner → Collaboration and project management enhanced by leveraging Copilot in Planner.
  • Industry-Specific Prompts → All new prompt collections tailored to specific roles and industries in Copilot Lab.
  • Catch-Up in Copilot Chat → Never miss a beat, by using the catch-up feature to stay informed in Copilot chat.
  • Refine Work Documents → Improve your document drafting and refinement process with Copilot’s assistance.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly with Copilot in Loop Components → Now work without switching context by using Copilot in Loop components.
  • Boost Response Rates with Copilot in Forms → Enhance from interactions and engagement with Copilot’s assistance.
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Impact on the Development Community

Copilot has gained mixed reactions within the development community. While many praise its ability to boost productivity and assist in learning new coding paradigms, others express concerns over code originality and dependency on AI-generated solutions. Nonetheless, the consensus is that Copilot is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can significantly enhance the coding experience.

Apple Intelligence: A Glimpse into the Future

While Microsoft has been making waves in the developer community with artificial intelligence, Apple has also been silently advancing it’s AI capabilities under the umbrella of Apple Intelligence with an approach to focus on integrating machine learning and intelligent features across its ecosystem. Let’s look at some of the features introduced with Apple Intelligence.

  1. Writing Tools: With Apple Intelligence you can now get access to new Writing Tools that can virtually enhance your writing experience everywhere you write. These tools can
    • Proofread your text.
    • Rewrite different versions until the tone and wording are just right.
    • Summarize selected text with a tap.
    • Provide prioritised notifications that allows you to minimise distractions.
  2. Image Playground:
    • Now you can create fun, original images in seconds using the Image Playground experience right in your apps.
    • Turn rough sketches into related images that complement your notes.
    • Adjust styles like animation, illustration and sketch to match your context.
  3. Custom Gemoji:
    • Generate unique Gemoji (custom emojis) based on text prompts.
    • Express yourself visually with personlised emoji creations.
  4. Siri on Steroid:
    • Natural communication and interaction with richer language understanding and the ability to type to Siri whenever convenient.
    • Equipped with awareness, Siri now has the ability to take action in and across apps with product knowledge about your devices features and settings.
  5. Privacy Focus:
    • Apple Intelligence can protect your privacy at every step.
    • IT operates through on-device processing, ensuring awareness of your personal information without collecting it.
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So Which is better?

Both Copilot and Apple Intelligence are similar in nature and are both artificial intelligence tools that can be used by anyone.

While Apple is designed to work seamlessly with new Apple phones and recent M1 chip Macs and iPad devices, Microsoft Copilot requires specific hardware configurations. While both aim to enhance user experiences, Apple Intelligence focuses on personalisation, creativity and privacy, whereas Microsoft Copilot emphasizes productivity and professional use cases. Which one you go for is entirely dependent on what your main objective is.

If you want to learn more about these products get in touch with experts for a personalised consultation.

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