Why Work With a Microsoft Partner Service Provider?

Polya Yaneva

What is the Microsoft Partner Network?

Microsoft Partner Network creates a community with one goal which is to do more for customers, relying on the simple premise “together, we can accomplish more”. Through bringing together people, resources, and offerings, this partnership empowers service provides to build and deliver the right digital transformation solution for their customers at the right time. Moreover, from a client perspective, choosing a solution provider part of the Microsoft Partner Network means the client business could benefit from saving time, money, ensuring continuous customer support and much more.

What does it mean for a company to be a Microsoft Partner?

Being a partner of Microsoft means a company is officially recognised by Microsoft to be capable of consulting and selling digital transformation solutions adapted to Microsoft products. Furthermore, all partner companies have the right to gain competency levels in given technical areas, by meeting requirements set by Microsoft, which allows potential clients to quickly identify the expertise of a given service provider in a chosen field.

What are some of the benefits of working with a Microsoft Partner service provider?

An important step when a business takes the decision to undergo a digital transformation is choosing the right service provider. There are many providers out there but what your business should make sure is that a cloud migration solution reflecting the specific business needs is delivered. And that is where Microsoft Partner Network can help your business connect with a trusted Microsoft Solution provider, who can assess your business goals, identify a bespoke digital transformation solution for your needs and help your business grow faster and more efficiently.

Trusted Digital Transformation providers

The Microsoft partnership gives access to exclusive resources, programs, and tools that help partner companies grow their knowledge and expertise. All of this results in the partner service providers specialising in providing up to date digital transformation and cloud migration solutions based on Microsoft technology to support your business.

Save time and money

A certified Microsoft service provider and its digital transformation experts could quickly identify a bespoke solution for your organisation meeting all the needed requirements which will help your business be more agile and efficient. Furthermore, the proposed solutions are often less expensive that an in-house alternative which leads to reduction in business costs.

Help grow your business

With the help of a partner digital transformation provider, your business could fully optimise the cloud services, and at the same time save resources which could help your business open a wide range of new opportunities for business growth and revenue.

Support through the whole Software Development lifecycle

Choosing a Microsoft Partner ensures that your company is going to receive support through the whole process of the digital transformation, and not only for the installation of the software. A Microsoft Partner will first listen to your business requirements and pain points and come up with a tailor-made solution. Then after implementation of the software, it would provide your business with the required training, learning materials and communications which aim to make sure the employees of the business are comfortable with the new changes resulting from the digital migration. Finally, your Microsoft Partner solution provider would be there to support you after the solution is deployed, and the staff are being trained via their constant technical support.

How could Dolphin IT Solutions help grow your business by being a Microsoft Partner?

Dolphin IT Solutions has been a Microsoft Partner since 2014 which focusses on IT development and consultancy for businesses. We pride ourselves on expertise in Microsoft SharePoint, O365, Azure and Power BI. We provide our clients with digital transformation and migration solutions that serves the whole business regardless of location, device, or security requirements. By adopting different Microsoft products and tools to our solutions we can transform the way you manage and work with data, expand your accessibility options and help you integrate and reach your clients and supply chain.

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