Business Process Automation For The Professional Services Sector

Polya Yaneva

Firms from the professional services sector (e.g. consulting and accounting firms, creative and marketing agencies, engineering businesses, digital agencies etc.) are adopting technology to automate their business processes. This helps them offer better quality of service to their customers. It also boosts their employees’ productivity and scales up their business.

Research has shown that over 75% of professional services businesses currently have some form of intelligent software in place. The sector is highly competitive. Firms have to focus on client satisfaction, project delivery and resources management in order to have a cutting edge.

As services are not tangible, it is imperative to have meaningful, deep insights into the quality of business processes. With those insights, you can exceed client expectations and meet company financial targets.

Improving Quality Of Work

With a single solution, namely WEBCON BPS, business processes can be faster and become profitable. WEBCON’s Rapid Application Development platform ensures that a company’s systems and departments are working seamlessly in unison.

Profit margins are maximised while there are substantial cost reductions for back-office operations. WEBCON helps you remove errors and standardise your tasks. This can bring about quality improvements and real-time insights into day to day operations, enabling better decision making for management.

A number of tasks can be automated for Operations, HR, Finances, Sales and Marketing and IT, e.g.:

  • Correspondence and case management
  • Document repository and DMS
  • Leave and holiday requests
  • Employee assessment
  • Management of remote workers
  • Budgeting, investment planning and purchase requests
  • CRM and marketing automation
  • Helpdesk and ticketing
  • Project management.

Increasing Business Agility And Flexibility

WEBCON lets you foster a culture that focuses on innovation. Staff is able to rapidly respond to changing client demands. Flexible business processes and real-time analytics can help firms quickly adapt to market pressures.

Virtual teams are enabled. Small professional teams keep their overheads low and manage human resources and talent remotely.

People and projects can be spread in multiple locations. However, collaboration tools make it possible for all staff to work efficiently in real-time, using the same information source. Project delivery is quicker, as managers make more informed decisions.

Efficient Staff Management

Automate workflows with WEBCON and ensure compliance to procedures and standard. Manage your staff remotely. Make smarter decisions can be made as staff gain access to real-time data insights.

You can also automate time and expense management. Boost your company performance across a range of metrics, such as employee productivity, billable hours, efficiency etc.

Quicker Go-To-Markets

WEBCON’s Modern low-code approach guarantees that there is reduced time to bring new products to market. Project delivery will speed up as tracking progress and project management becomes easier. Performance can be monitored with KPI reports. Smarter decisions can be made with regards to bottlenecks or shortfalls.

Faster Decisions For The Finance Team

Business processes help you understand what revenue streams to focus on and how to optimise the work output. You will gain clearer real-time insights into your company data. That will enable your finance team to make faster decisions regarding finances.

The Elastic Solution

WEBCON BPS is an elastic low-code platform solution that is hassle-free. Our WEBCON specialists here, at Dolphin IT Solutions in Guildford, can help you get the most out of it.

If you want more information, why not give us a call or email us? We are always there to help.

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