The Right Business Process Automation Solution For The Health Industry

Vanesha Peach

In the post-Covid era, the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector is understaffed and overworked, bursting at the seams. To face the new challenges, the sector needs to bring about a digital transformation to work practices. This will help reduce costs, increase efficiency and streamline repetitive, administrative tasks. This can all be achieved with a low-code process automation and management platform, WEBCON BPS.

The Patient At The Centre Of Care

We want to bring the patient at the centre of care. With workflow automation, staff can abandon routine work tasks and focus more on enriched, human-facing work.

Business process automation can take place with regards to management of EHRs (electronic health records) and EMRs (electronic medical records). There can be automatic medical record updates and automatic data transfer to new platforms and systems. More focus will be on patient care, even with skeleton staff.

More Automation

General automation of routine tasks can moreover be pursued with regards to data creation, maintenance and synchronisation. This would bring about decreased downtime. Even vendor, contract, purchasing and inventory management can be automated, leaving staff with more time to devote to essential, core tasks.

Third-party lab reports and diagnoses can be integrated using business process automation. That will then bring about quicker results and enable a swifter approach to patient treatment. This can help save lives and will bring about high-quality care.

Information Sharing And Communication

Coordination and information sharing are important aspects of positive, modern and efficient patient treatments. Data can be centralised with a low-code process automation and management platform like WEBCON BPS. Automatic registration links or information to patients via channels such as automated emails are possible, optimising the ease of communication.

Appointment setting and provision of Covid-19 safety guidelines can be automated. Chatbots can work alongside human support teams to catch and resolve frequent queries.

Patient record requests and medication tracing can be automated. This frees up the system and allows staff to focus on more important tasks. Tracing medical drugs will also help monitor and defeat the counterfeit drug industry. Healthcare providers can become more responsive to patient requests.

WEBCON Applications

A WEBCON BPS application is very versatile and can run in:

  • An intranet SharePoint site for sharing
  • A Microsoft Teams workspace for better collaboration and communication.
  • Inside of Microsoft Outlook or on a mobile phone or tablet.

It dynamically adapts to the user experience. It brings along dashboards, reports, task lists etc.

Problem Solving With A Single Solution

With WEBCON BPS, companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector can create custom, context specific workflows. This would help radically improve their day-to-day operations for the better. WEBCON lists on their website the most popular processes that businesses from the healthcare & pharmaceutical sector automate and manage:

  • New drug development management
  • Product specification updating
  • Travel approval process for pharmaceutical sales teams
  • New pharmacy opening management
  • Document management

Allegedly 9 out of 10 processes – from supportive to business critical – can be implemented with a single low-code platform. WEBCON BPS claims that it can provide companies with a 113% return on investment over three years. They also claim it can enable up to 87% improvement in process handling time.

There can be improved internal process productivity e.g. processes that were once paper-based are transformed to a digital form. Also there can be rapid prototyping capability, reducing the time to market for new products and services offered.

Moreover, it has been noted that there is improved complex external process productivity. In other words, there is a substantial amount of time saved by employees. That’s all thanks to digitisation of complex processes that are often customer facing in nature. One example is automated credit decision making.

It has also been shown that there is improved collaboration across teams. Employees have improved the way they handle simpler processes (such as procurement of IT or office supplies) by 67%.

It all results in enhanced transparency and visibility of business processes.

Your WEBCON BPS Automation Specialists

Here, at Dolphin IT Solutions, we can shape your healthcare and pharmaceutical business processes using WEBCON BPS. Streamline costs, save time, reduce bottlenecks and boost productivity so that you can provide quality healthcare to your patients. We will help you with your digital transformation initiatives. If you want to find out more how we can help, please call or email us:

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