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Joshua White

SharePoint Modern out of the box webparts, while versatile, usually leave a lot to be desired. Unlike Classic, there is no content editor that allows developers to create their own web parts as easily, and it can be a long winded process. It’s not impossible – it’s just more effort and time.

Dolphin IT Solutions has developed an announcement banner web part and published it to SharePoint AppSource, Microsoft's centralised hub for external SharePoint plug-ins. The announcement banner rolls up notices for a SharePoint site into a banner that can either scroll or fade between each announcement.

The banner's background can be configured to one of eight colours matching the SharePoint site's colour scheme, and each individual announcement can have its own stock colour background. For example, a highly important announcement can have a red background whilst more informational announcements can have a more natural colour background.

Each announcement consists of a title and a short description / subtitle, and the duration before scrolling between announcements can be configured when setting up the announcement banner web part. Individual announcements can be configured to display only between a set period of dates, or indefinitely (or until they are taken down!).

All announcement data is stored within a list in the SharePoint site in which the banner is installed and the ability to amend announcements is restricted to users who have the relevant permissions against the list.

If this webpart is useful to you, we recommend downloading it and trying it out! Or, if you’d like us to look into creating a bespoke webpart tailored to your needs, feel free to reach out for a consultation.

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