How can Retail Benefit From Digital Transformation Solutions

Polya Yaneva

In 2020, as a community, we experienced changes we would have never imagined. Yet this was the year when the number of retailers adopting digital transformation solutions increased rapidly.

Most retailers turned to variety of digital transformation solutions. They wanted to ease the connection between their customers, their people and their data. The goal is always to deliver a seamless experience across the shopper journey.

SharePoint Intranet

A SharePoint Intranet solution can help your retail business become more connected, enhance employee collaboration. It can consolidate all your processes, supplier contacts, employee documents and news by bringing them to one central location. SharePoint can serve as a Document Management solution to improve channel operations, supply chain visibility, supplier integration. SharePoint also helps improve customer service and business performance, all while reducing paper waste.

Retail businesses can also take advantage of the SharePoint features to automate the staff onboarding processes and staff training. Automation makes sharing all best practices and guidelines a lot easier. That ensures all the health and safety requirements for the retail industry are met.

Power BI reporting

In today’s competitive environment rewards points and discounts are not enough. To be able to meet tomorrow’s customer demands today, the retail industry can take advantage of Power BI.

The Power BI solution serves to transform business operations through insights from real-time data analysis. Retailers can make use of the data both from internal and external sources and gain insights into patterns. Using business intelligence tools such as Power BI for this purpose is crucial.

Empower your brand ambassadors by creating a more collaborative environment. Give your employees access to actionable real-time insights whether they are in the back office or on the sales floor. Moreover, the advanced Power BI reports can help you get the right products and the right price to the right customers. Bridge the gap between demand and fulfilment.

Business Process Automation with WEBCON BPS

Most companies aspire to work in unison and focus on cost efficiency and customers. In this regard, retailers can rely on business process automation solution with WEBCON BPS. Streamline operations with low-code solutions to increase productivity and quality of work.

Get products to market faster and drive innovation. WEBCON allows you to speed up business processes, while removing errors and improving process visibility. Reduce the time needed to market a new product and track the progress and rapidly respond to changes.

WEBCON helps your retail business and improves your day-to-day operations through custom workflows. Open new shops, monitor employee turnover, take control over the daily revenues. Set up mystery shopping.

You can even optimise the processing of customer claims and requests and management of the internal knowledge database. Moreover, a WEBCON solution can support all departments of the retail industry like Operations, HR, Finances, Sales & Marketing and IT.

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