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Vanesha Peach

For companies relying on SharePoint and O365 as collaboration and document management tool it is imperative to have the right IT support to make sure it all ticks over smoothly. Allegedly the world’s most popular intranet technology, SharePoint Online, which is in-built with O365, has over 190 million users across 200,000 customer organisations. The worldwide office suite Office 365 itself was designed to improve team workflows, productivity and collaboration, with key tools such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, SharePoint Sites, OneNote, Yammer, Flow and Stream among others. However, a number of companies are reticent to use SharePoint Online or on-premise SharePoint or even O365 as their chosen collaboration and document management tool because of lack of in-house IT support if things go wrong.

Hassle-Free IT Support

Some small companies are careful about their resources and keep an eye on their costs. Having an IT department might be a luxury. Even for those with a small IT team, it is important not to squander time and costs uselessly in getting your IT staff to try to solve each and every minor IT issue. It is taxing to provide constant, updated IT support to your staff. Having recourse to Microsoft support technicians from Microsoft headquarters is not a recommended option either as it is well known that this type of support is unreliable in times of need. Outsourcing to us, helpdesk consultants in Guildford, can be a cost-effective solution as we provide qualified, local, professional and friendly support to quickly escalate and resolve issues using an excellent resolution system and efficient helpdesk software. We provide expert support services to keep SharePoint and Office 365 running smoothly. The customer service is highly personalised.

Streamline Costs

With the helpdesk ticketing system, your company only pays for processed tickets instead of financing expensive IT support teams. We make sure that all your queries are resolved quickly at the service desk, with the right approach. We help you streamline costs.

Improving Productivity

We also provide excellent helpdesk response times so that requests are handled quickly and efficiently. Your staff can make a quick call and get immediate help addressing the issue. The right team member with the right skill set will deal with the IT issue after a clear process for prioritising, routing and escalating tickets has been set up. We might sometimes predict the problems and solve them before they occur, based on some patterns, and this will prevent major incidents.

Helpdesk At Your Service

We focus on your company’s ROI and efficiency and make sure that we always work together with you to embrace innovation with SharePoint or O365. We are here to help.

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