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Vanesha Peach

In the current post-Covid climate, increased reliance on IT for the smooth running of hybrid working (part office, part remote) means that SMEs should always be on alert for their IT resources. User devices, applications and operating systems must always be kept up to date. When things go wrong helpdesk support is a welcome alternative to having the in-house IT team focusing on small and sometimes repetitive and irksome IT issues occurring in the work environment, in the office or in the working from home scenario. Among companies already outsourcing their service desks, a staggering 95% plan to increase or maintain their level of service.

Microsoft Experts to help with Software Issues

We are Microsoft partners/experts and helpdesk support is one of our core competencies. We offer support for all Microsoft products including SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and Azure. The severe IT labour shortage in the UK and companies’ desire to focus on business innovation and core tasks brings about the need for the in-house IT team to prioritise IT tasks. Many IT departments are stretched too thin to even provide constant, updated support to their staff. Having recourse to Microsoft support technicians from Microsoft headquarters is not a recommended option either as it is well known that this type of support is unreliable in times of need. Outsourcing to us equates to having qualified, local, professional and friendly technicians at hand, to quickly escalate and resolve issues using an excellent resolution system and efficient helpdesk software. We provide the expert service to keep operation systems and applications running smoothly. The customer service is highly personalised.

Streamlining Costs

It is a cheaper alternative to outsource to us than to rely on your IT department or even the official Microsoft support technicians. We cater for your needs as they arise and can even predict when things will go wrong. As the need to solve IT issues fluctuates during the year, it becomes easier to scale IT resources up and down as demand changes. During a transition to a Cloud solution, for instance, helpdesk call volumes will most likely increase. Remote or hybrid working also demand a strong IT helpdesk support as staff encounter minor issues connecting and collaborating.

With the helpdesk ticketing system, your company also only pays for processed tickets instead of financing expensive support teams with inconsistent work. Many internal teams can struggle to support remote workers as they might lack remote access and diagnostic tools or even telephone-based capabilities. We help you streamline costs.

Improving Productivity

We help improve helpdesk response times so that requests are handled quickly and efficiently. Your staff can make a quick call and get immediate help addressing the issue with their software.

The right team member with the right skill set will deal with the IT issue after a clear process for prioritising, routing and escalating tickets has been set up. We might sometimes identify the problems before they occur, based on some patterns, and this will prevent major incidents. We make sure the customer service desk is first-class and you have personalised and helpful customer support.

Our support also enables your IT team to focus on innovation and business strategy and to deploy core IT competencies where they are most needed. Instead of working hard to stay on top of mundane technical issues, outsourcing gives internal teams the breathing space to take advantage of emerging opportunities to drive business results. We save you time and bring you peace of mind.

Dell Technologies

We also resell Dell hardware such as PCs, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, webcams, docking stations, and other accessories and offer welcome helpdesk support to buyers. We alleviate the networking and maintenance tasks of your IT team by answering and solving any query you might have about the smooth running of that hardware. Offering invaluable advice and a professional and personalised helpdesk service, we make sure that your issue is resolved and that your hardware is back to normal in no time. We want your business to focus on ROI and efficiency, so that business innovation and strategy are prioritised by your IT team. We want you to harness all the exciting emerging technologies e.g. intelligent automation and Cloud computing and leave the mundane IT tasks to our helpdesk team to deal with.

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