How SharePoint Helps You Boost Productivity And Enhance Collaboration

Vanesha Peach

SharePoint intranets have been around since 2001, and whether to launch it in any business as a symbol of digital transformation has become the subject of a friendly debate among heads of departments, managers and business owners alike. SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that is highly customisable and can integrate with Microsoft Office and other systems. According to Microsoft, as of July 2017 SharePoint had 190 million users across 200,000 customer organisations. It is allegedly now the world's most popular intranet technology.

Hassle Free Set Up and Powerful Integration

Setting up a SharePoint intranet is a groundbreaking moment for a company, as doing it right enables the integration of different systems in order to create a user-friendly document storage and management as well as collaboration and internal communications tool. Our SharePoint consultants are experts in finding the right approach and method to launch it for your business.

SharePoint can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Yammer feeds, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive, for example, to create a powerful digital workplace experience and can be accessed via the web browser. It can be used company-wide. You can use the tools within the Microsoft 365 suite to create, share, and access documents stored in a central location. The set-up is hassle-free for you, and our developers can easily help you migrate from an old system to your new SharePoint environment. Document storage and access are made user-friendly, and a range of secure internal and external sharing features are deployed by our friendly SharePoint developers to ensure different levels of user access. Your chosen intranet would be security-driven. A "Search and Find" function can also be integrated within your document management system.

You can craft a SharePoint intranet around the way your business works: it is flexible and customisable. SharePoint can be used for both SMEs and corporations.

Employee Collaboration and Empowerment

Team collaboration and sharing of tasks and documents is a common feature of your SharePoint intranet. The smooth integration of Microsoft Teams and Yammer makes collaboration a piece of cake as teams working remotely can have conversations and bounce ideas off each other using the different chat options and document sharing features. If the intranet is integrated with the HR Management System (HRMS) or Business Intelligence (BI) the employee can also feel empowered as they can have a 360 degree view on the employee individual records and data related to training, performance or holidays. The intranet can also be connected with a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for customer-related document management e.g. contracts, purchase orders or invoices.

Storage and management of diverse content in various formats can be a useful tool for the employee on the go and working remotely. Automation of documents' lifecycle also enables the staff member to be four or five times more productive as there will be reduced time deployed in document creation and archiving. Automated workflows or process automation can be created. A hub for document templates will be welcome by employees. More transparency and trust can be fostered among employees, as they feel more valued on recorded and measurable personal contribution to projects, creating a positive workplace atmosphere.

The Communication Tool Par Excellence

The SharePoint intranet is the ultimate communication tool for staff. A knowledge base can be set up and can be a hub for news, employee benefits, wikis, FAQs, blogs or learning materials. Formal or informal communication can flourish, as Yammer, Microsoft Teams or other instant messaging systems are integrated to enable conversations. Discussion boards, dashboards, blogs and forums are other internal communication tools which can help nurture the team or corporate spirit. Integration with mobile apps also boost communication on the go, anytime and anywhere. Another smooth integration can also be set up with social media and video conferencing tools.

Dashboards can also showcase corporate milestones e.g. work anniversaries, awards, surveys or media galleries with pictures and videos. The sense of belonging among staff is enhanced as everyone feels they are working towards a common goal and embraces corporate values and ideals. Corporate spirit is promoted. It's all about sharing and collaboration.

SharePoint Consultants to Help You Achieve Digital Transformation

Here at Dolphin IT Solutions, we are SharePoint Consultants passionate about helping our clients boost their company productivity, foster good employee relations and promote employee wellbeing through the use of intelligent technology. We help bring about digital transformation and would love to have a chat with you to see how we can help. Please contact us for more details:

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