Microsoft Rewarding NHS Staff and Continue to Fight the Virus

Andy Taylor
NHS Scotland to Start Using Microsoft Teams
After successful trials at multiple university hospitals it has been announced that all NHS staff in Scotland will use Microsoft teams to quickly send patient data. This will rapidly reduce the time data is transferred from potentially hours to minutes, helping save lives. This will help more than 160,000 members of staff including leading health organisation boards and committees. This is all free from Microsoft due to their decision to make Office 365 free for all NHS staff last month.

The Microsoft Showcase Schools Lead By Example
New: Three ‘Microsoft Showcase Schools’ are to help teachers and lectures deliver lessons to pupils at home. Three School from across England have been named ‘Demonstrator Schools’ to help other educational facilities present lessons through Microsoft Office 365. Exam season is fast approaching and its fantastic to see schools and technology companies collaborating to help students achieve their goals.

Free Gaming For NHS Staff
New: Finally, as a gesture of good will Microsoft are giving NHS staff free Xbox games and memberships! Xbox have also been sending its customers safety information and rewarding plays for staying home and saving lives with in-game currency.

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