Simplify Paper Based Systems With Business Process Solutions

Andy Taylor
Converting paper-based systems to a digital business process can save you company time and money. With more people than ever making the permanent move to working from home Business Process Solutions are growing increasingly popular and will soon be the norm in all UK businesses. Today we will show you three very common business processes we have converted from paper to a digital solution.

Leave Request
Leave request is one of the simplest processes to convert. This system makes managing holiday leave, sick pay and training days much easier to manage. An employee fills in an online form which is then sent to their managers email. The email gives the manager the option to accept or decline the request, the response is then sent back to the employee. From a manager's perspective this is all put into a diary, as well as an analytics board showing each employee's statistics such as how many days they have had off.

Expense Request
Expenses can be difficult to manage, especially with roles which require travelling. With a WEBCON Expense Request system fuel, meals, materials etc. Just like the leave request, a request is sent to the manager who approves or declines it via email. During the online form process the user submits the amount spent, information on what was purchased, and a document attachment which requires an image or scan of a receipt as evidence.

Clients and Contacts Log
This system efficiently lists all your active and past clients as well has hot and cold leads, and company contacts. By filling out a simple form with an individuals or company contact information anyone your company may have come across has their information stored on your system making it easy to find out their information. It also categorises you contacts so unlike your outlook contact lists you can find information a lot faster and efficiently.

If you are interested in any of these systems, then feel free to contact Dolphin Solutions and get a free consultation.

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