Power BI Comparison: Free vs Pro vs Premium

Aida Pandur

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool developed by Microsoft. It’s considered incredibly useful as it allows organizations to analyse, visualize, and share data in an intuitive and interactive manner. With Power BI, your business can gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and streamline data-driven processes.

But there are several versions of Power BI and you may be sure which one is right for you. In this article we aim to explore and explain the differences between each version.

What are the Power BI Versions?

There are primarily three versions of Power BI: Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium. Each version caters to different user needs, and comes with specific features and pricing.

You may have heard of the Desktop version which isn’t included above - Power BI Desktop is a standalone application available for free. It allows users to create data models, design reports, and dashboards offline on their local machines. Not only that, but the reports created in Power BI Desktop can be published and shared with others using Power BI service.

Power BI Free

As we can clearly see, this would be the Power BI Free version as well. It provides basic functionalities, making it an excellent choice for individuals and small businesses. It's a great starting point for exploring the capabilities of Power BI.

To obtain Power BI Free, all you need to do is sign up for a free Power BI account on the Microsoft Power BI website – that’s all it takes!

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro is the paid version of Power BI, offering more advanced features and capabilities compared to the free version.

If your business requires extensive collaboration, advanced sharing options, and real-time data updates, Power BI Pro is for you. It allows users to share dashboards and reports with others, making it a suitable option for companies with multiple stakeholders.

At the time of writing this in August 2023, the Power BI Pro subscription costs £8.20 per user per month.

To obtain a Power BI Pro license, you can subscribe through the Microsoft Power BI website just like with the Free version, or work with a Microsoft licensing partner.

Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium is a higher-tier offering that provides enhanced performance, capacity, and dedicated resources for large-scale deployments and enterprise-level solutions.

Power BI Premium targets larger organisations or those with extensive data needs, as it offers greater data capacity, enhanced data refresh rates, and the ability to distribute content to a broader audience.

At the time of writing this in August 2023, the Power BI Premium subscription costs £16.40 per user per month.

To obtain Power BI Premium, organisations can once again subscribe through the Microsoft Power BI website, or connect with a Microsoft licensing partner.

Key Differences: Power BI Free vs. Power BI Pro vs. Power BI Premium:

Power BI FreePower BI ProPower BI Premium
FeaturesBasic data visualization and reporting capabilitiesAdvanced features such as data collaboration, sharing, and real-time data updatesAdditional capacities and enhanced performance for enterprise-grade solutions
Data CapacityLimitedHigher data storage and processing capabilitiesHigher data storage and processing capabilities
Collaboration and SharingLimitedEasy sharing with colleagues and stakeholdersBroader content distribution
Real-time Data-AvailableAvailable
AdvantagesExcellent starting point for individuals and small businessesWell-suited for teams and businessesEnterprise-grade features

Selecting the Best Power BI Version for Your Business

Choosing the right Power BI version depends on your organization's size, data requirements, collaboration needs, and budget. For small businesses and individual users with basic data visualization needs, Power BI Free may be sufficient. If your organization requires advanced features, collaboration capabilities, and real-time data updates, Power BI Pro could be the right fit. For larger organizations with extensive data processing and distribution needs, Power BI Premium offers additional capacities and enhanced performance.

Before making a decision, it's essential to assess your business requirements; consult with relevant stakeholders, and explore the feature sets and costs associated with each version. We can provide further guidance and information tailored to your organisation's needs.

Microsoft Power BI offers a range of versions to cater to diverse business needs, from individual users to large enterprises. Whether you choose Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, or Power BI Premium, the platform's diverse features make it a valuable tool for businesses seeking data-driven insights and decision-making.

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