The Best Project Management System For the Construction Sector

Vanesha Peach

It can be tricky to find the right application for businesses in the construction sector. UK construction businesses are on the lookout for a project management tool which helps companies collaborate, evaluate, customise, schedule and automate processes. It needs to reassure employees that their work tasks are completed efficiently without hiccups and it has the important task of supporting project managers. Microsoft SharePoint is the answer to their queries.

A Secure Collaboration Tool

It is highly attractive that SharePoint allows the creation of groups, sites and applications. This allows for diffusion and sharing of information under a user access feature as permissions can be granted to groups using different levels for reading, editing and sharing, ensuring the security and scalability of the system. Document repositories can be created. This can be very important for the storage and accessibility of risk assessment reports and the Health and Safety policies and handbook. You can better manage your ISO 9001 requirements for the company.

The launch of a secure intranet and extranet is also possible using SharePoint, enabling document management and sharing and other communication tasks anytime, anywhere, on different mobile or fixed devices. Various reports such as Construction or Assessment reports can be stored and accessed quickly. SharePoint also allows a query feature where you can search and find files easily.

The intranet is a wonderful place where you can publish blog posts, employee and company news or even internal websites and engage with your staff. It is a content management system (CMS) platform. Documents can provide real-time synchronised data to the user on the go. It shows perfect phone and tablet compatibility. Staff can upload images for sharing and commenting, enabling a 360° approach to decision-making when time is of the essence. Training videos can also be shared on the intranet, helping workers get up to speed. SharePoint can offer perfect online collaboration tools. You can also allow instant messaging with Yammer integration, for company team-building and sharing.

Evaluation And Customisation Capability

It is an important aspect of a construction business to be able to quote for different types of projects. The company needs to schedule, plan and estimate resources and costs for each individual project, big or small, and Microsoft SharePoint happily allows you to customise your projects to meet your client’s requirements. Customised dashboards can be created for projects. You can use the feature “SharePoint Lists” to track your equipment and subcontractor registry for example.

Scheduling, Automation And Integration

Tasks can be scheduled and automated using integration with other applications. Power BI for example can be integrated seamlessly as a Microsoft product to offer interactive dashboards and real-time reporting, with excellent data visualisations on KPIs. Moreover, SharePoint has its own data tools, allowing you to manipulate data on-site instead of having to import data from other platforms. This saves time and boosts staff productivity. SharePoint is also a favourite integration platform as it allows the connection and integration of various third-party applications as well as open source software. There is no need to use separate tools for identical tasks as everything is under one roof. Communication is enhanced using Yammer for example. Major business processes can also be automated using the no code approach using SharePoint Workflow and “Composites”: business process automation can be easily achieved.

An International Tool

Microsoft SharePoint is the ultimate international tool which can be used on a global level, anywhere, anytime, bringing together geographically dispersed teams as it includes language tools to enable communication. It has multi-language support as well as a language translation feature. Other features which are appealing to staff all over the world are: its push or SMS notifications and the accessibility to a digital signature feature.

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