How can Your Business Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?

Polya Yaneva

What is Cloud Migration?

Nowadays the term “The Cloud” is used to describe services accessible over the internet. Hence a cloud migration is referred as a digital transformation process of migrating company’s data fully or partially online. Usually, to run such an infrastructure, companies rely on different digital transformation service providers such as Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. This set up enables companies to control their software and hardware resources by making use of the latest cloud solutions. This results in a higher level of scalability when it comes to business processes, and cost saving within the business, to make a more efficient use of their resources.

What are the benefits from migrating to the Cloud?

Cost effective

One of the most common reasons many companies undertake digital transformation is to reduce IT costs. This is possible as cloud service providers allow businesses to pay only for the resources that they use at a given moment in time. In such a way, a company does not have to spend on IT infrastructure planning, physical equipment, maintenance, and IT staff all the time even when there is no need. Instead as an alternative, cloud providers offer to do all of this on behalf of the company by providing cloud hosted flexible infrastructure solution and charge only for the duration those resources are used which reduces the cost for the company. Moreover, businesses could resize the resources they need at any time which could further decrease the IT costs. That is why it can be said cloud scalability is about decreasing resources once they are not required and increasing them when there is a need. In such way businesses pay according to what services they require.

Increase in the productivity of remote teams

Managing a team working from home, and ensuring there is always instantaneous communication, collaboration, accessibility, and security, is a hard task. However, having the right tools in place could make this much easier. And digital transformation service providers are one of the migration tools your business can take advantage of to increase the productivity of your remote teams. Some of the benefits of cloud migration when working remotely are the reliability, easy recovery, instant access, fewer issues, easy to manage permissions and the enhanced security of the cloud migration solutions.

Document migration would enable easier access to business files for your remote teams from anywhere, on any device, which improves work efficiency. Furthermore, it provides easy recovery of your business data even if your hardware device is malfunctioning as your business information is in the cloud.

Data accessibility

Another significant benefit of document migration to the cloud is the accessibility of the data. With the increasing number of smart devices and users preferring to use smartphones, cloud migration can provide an easy way for checking work updates using mobile devices. Moreover, it can also provide remote working teams an easy access to business data anytime, anywhere. The only thing they need is a reliable internet connection. That is why it could be said digital transformation can help a business increase both employees’ productivity and satisfaction.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Businesses tend to possess a large amount of information which is often unstructured, in different formats and siloed. All of this makes it hard to go through the data and find answers. However, cloud service providers, and more specifically, Azure, has a solution for these issues. Azure Cognitive Search is a feature that offers a built-in AI model that helps enrich the search capabilities to help you find and explore a relevant content. Furthermore, it uses advanced machine learning techniques to understand the user intent, to better rank the most relevant resources.

What are some of the challenges when migrating to the cloud and how can Dolphin IT Solution help with your digital transformation?

How can Your Business Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?
Choosing the right data storage option

Along with all the advantages of digital transformation there are some challenges that need to be considered when making the final decision which cloud provider service to choose. One of them is making sure your business selects the right data storage options. The providers of cloud services tend to have many options from which you can choose from, and this can be sometimes confusing and end up in the cloud migration not being entirely suited for the needs of the business and increase the costs.

How Dolphin IT Solutions can help: Here at Dolphin IT Solutions our digital transformation experts can assist you not only in choosing the best cloud migration option for your business, but also support you while you use this service to ensure you face no issues with it. We can help your business plan a digital transformation strategy, break it down to stages and minimise the financial costs. Moreover, Dolphin IT Solutions can offer you cloud maintenance and support services to make sure your translation is smoother, and your user adoption rate is high. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Adaptation of the personal

Another challenge that a business undergoing a digital transformation could face is the adaptation of the personnel to the changes in the data architectures. In addition, people might be sceptical to the cloud technology, in terms of how secure and available it is, for example. All these concerns should be addressed before the migration, so a smooth transition is possible.

How Dolphin IT Solutions can help: We believe that the allocated time for staff training is a vital stage of the digital transformation process. That is why, to ensure your employees are on the same page, and possess the required skills, knowledge and understanding to use the new data storage infrastructure, Dolphin IT Solutions can offer your business training alongside the implementation of your cloud solution. We also provide a Helpdesk support that your business could make use of.

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