Mozzaik365: A Must-Have SharePoint Tool

Aida Pandur

The Mozzaik365 solution is an extension of Microsoft 365 allowing users to quickly and easily deploy a Digital Workplace 100% integrated with Microsoft 365. Easy and speed of deployment, fluidity and quality of the employee experience, time savings in putting content online and organizing its activity, high standards of security and data confidentiality... The strengths and benefits of the solution are numerous.

Mozzaik365 brings value to Microsoft 365

Even though since the arrival of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), the publisher is making more and more effort to break down the silos of its application base in order to offer a seamless experience for the end user. The functional scope of the Microsoft suite does not allow for a fluid and engaging experience without the use of specific developments or integrated software. Should you leave Microsoft to implement your Digital Workplace?

This solution, while appealing, as many Digital Workplaces facially offer pleasant user experiences, has many problems:

  • Doubling of features: some features will overlap making companies pay twice.
  • Security holes, because they are located in an external environment. As a result, the data is kept in two places.
  • A loss of sense of the IT roadmap, because leaving Microsoft does not allow you to rationalize your application park.
  • Users drowned by too many applications.

So, what is the solution to using Microsoft as a full-fledged Digital Workplace?

An alternative solution that does not require specific development exists.

Microsoft's strategy is based on partnerships that complement the functionality of its solutions. Mozzaik365 is one of these partners and offers a fluid and complete solution to implement your Digital Workplace from your Microsoft environment. This solution allows you to create a fully customized space in less than 3 weeks.

Benefits of Mozzaik 365

The benefits of using integrated software are numerous. First, it streamlines your IS environment. By investing in Microsoft365, you get a complete and secure application environment for your data and a unique experience within a suite of tools. Leaving this environment would create security issues and add complexity to an already dense IT architecture. Secondly, this is an excellent way to facilitate the adoption of the tool by your employees. Indeed, it is easier to deploy a tool in an environment that everyone knows and that requires less adaptation.

  • Plant to sites: With this feature, you can save, replicate and manage a large number of templates to deploy your sites from a catalogue
  • Contribution Assistance: Which allows contributors to publish pages in two clicks. This allows clients to expand the circles of contributors and therefore increase engagement around their Digital Workplace
  • Application Store: The administrator can choose (and impose) a list of applications appropriate to the space the user is visiting.
  • Full interoperability with Microsoft 365 platforms: Yammer, PowerApps, Delve, SharePoint...
  • Multilingualism: Manage your sites in several languages and let the user choose his preferred language.

A Sublime Employee Experience

  • SharePoint's Modern Experience as a page editing engine: Benefit from the ergonomics of SharePoint's Modern Experience to which Mozzaik365 brings new graphic innovations.
  • Global Navigation: Whether the user connects to his business space, a community or a project space, he can access his most useful shortcuts in one click, avoiding any unnecessary waste of time. The global navigation becomes his most faithful companion.
  • Customization of feeds according to audiences: The user can choose to subscribe to content by keyword. As for the administrator, he can push his content adapted to his profile thanks to Mozzaik365’s audience system.
  • Advanced search engine: Available even on mobile, Mozzaik365's advanced search engine has a refinement panel to filter by metadata. In addition, several search verticals and suggestions are offered to the user.

Mozzaik365: an add -in, not an overlay

Mozzaik365 is not an overlay but an add -in located in the heart of Microsoft 365. This means that the solution is consumed directly in Microsoft 365, requires no technical settings and benefits from real -time Microsoft 365 updates. Mozzaik365 does not degrade your security No customer data is visible, manipulated or hosted by Mozzaik365. The customer data, confidential and sovereign, is preserved. Microsoft security applies at all levels on the "holder ", the site collection, the site, the document library and, finally, on the document. Mozzaik365 is deployed at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) and monitored by Microsoft Corp. This is a solution recommended by the editor.

As working methods evolve very rapidly, the Digital Workplace appears to be one of the main responses to this new context. It offers flexibility to employees who are looking for more autonomy and new collaboration methods. By providing new communication and collaboration functionalities but also, and above all, centralized, the Digital Workplace simplifies work practices, facilitates the distribution of internal messages, optimizes knowledge management and meets employees' expectations in terms of remote work and hybridization.

At the same time, it questions the management methods in force within organizations and invites general management to rethink their way of proceeding, sometimes going so far as to trigger awareness of the corporate culture conveyed by the leaders. We invite you to discover the benefits of the Digital Workplace through Mozzaik365. We are at your disposal to inform you, to advise you and to allow you to realize a real size test of the platform.

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