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10 Reasons to use Microsoft Azure for your Cloud Apps

Cloud platforms are available from various vendors including vendors, Amazon, IBM and Google, but here’s why we believe Microsoft Azure is the best choice… Familiarity of Windows Azure is based on Windows platform, so you can write applications within the same programming languages that you’ve used for Windows apps. You can also use other familiar…

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services such as; servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and lots more over the Internet. Companies offering these computing services are called cloud providers and typically charge for cloud computing services based on usage, similar to how you are billed for gas or electricity at home….

Facilities Management. Business Intelligence and Business Processes. How do you manage?

Managing office buildings, public areas and other corporate facilities generates a lot of data. There can be many business processes to incorporate into the general everyday running of buildings. These processes can sometimes be quite simple, but can also be quite complex incorporating SLA, (service level agreements), governance policies, supply chain management and the use…

Global Ransomware Attack

NHS Windows PCs hit hard As many people know there is a wide-spread and serious global PC hacking attack. The BBC and UK papers report numerous hospitals and the NHS in general have been especially hard hit with many thousands of PCs compromised. The virus is bad, as bad as they get. An infected PC…

Microsoft Azure enables powerful forecasting at the Met Office

From its base in Exeter, The UK’s Met Office provides global weather insight services using one of the world’s largest supercomputers.  In their ongoing drive to provide greater personalisation to its forecast they are developing more ways in which citizen scientists can contribute data and in order to do this they needed to be able…

Qualcomm announces ARM based CPUs to run Microsoft Windows Server

At the recent Open Compute Summit, Qualcomm announced a significant partnership with Microsoft that will have ramifications for Intel and the entire server industry. Not only has Qualcomm created new server designs around Microsoft’s Project Olympus specifications and its own Centriq 2400 SoCs, it’s working with Microsoft to bring ARM support to Windows Server. Last…

Where did all my Servers go?

It seems that over the last few years large noisy server rooms full of racks of wires, routers, servers and gadgets that no one dares to touch have mysteriously disappeared. Where did it all go? And Why? Well, in the large majority of cases it got moved into the cloud. But just what is the…

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