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What is WEBCON and Why Should You Use It?

What is WEBCON? WEBCON Business Process Suite (BPS) is a comprehensive platform for Microsoft SharePoint to manage documents and business processes in your organisation. What distinguishes this system from other solutions are primarily; completeness, efficiency, scalability and flexibility. With its unique engine workflow, external database and open architecture, WEBCON BPS enables an efficient handling of…

What is Power BI?

In today’s modern age, with growing businesses and industries, data is essential for many organisations and it’s becoming even more important to ‘know your numbers’. If your data is provided and represented in an effective way, this will help organisations to make more appropriate decisions in a timely manner. Power BI is a powerful business…

How to Build a SharePoint Intranet Site

How to Build a SharePoint Intranet Site Whilst many users can be hesitant when it comes to switching to SharePoint intranet sites, there’s a number of steps that administrators can take control of and curate the content that end users see. For companies, it’s an opportunity to migrate a current intranet site to SharePoint Online….

Importance of Digital Security

What Does Digital Security Mean? Digital Security can also be known as Cyber Security, although each have different terminologies both digital and cyber security are highly important. It is a question individuals, companies and hackers face daily, as digital landscapes are constantly evolving it is only natural that security has evolved at a similar speed,…

New Windows 10 and Office 365 Features

Microsoft has said that Windows 10 is no operating on over 700 million devices across the world. Office 365 continues to be prevalent and develop year after year. When combined, Windows 10 and Office 365 are the base for the majority of computing that people do across the world, its essential that people are satisfied…

Leveraging Microsoft Flow

Sweet Spots, Problem Areas and Use Cases Microsoft SharePoint Designer has been a preferred product for many years however, it is no longer Microsoft’s chosen option for creating workflows. SharePoint Designer has been taken over by Microsoft Flow; this offers a new, cloud based engine which is based on Logic Apps. Will it fill the…

How Software Can Help Improve your Business

Improve your Business with Software Every business owner wants to increase his or her efficiency. When a business operates efficiently, the profits increase and waste decreases, resulting in a healthy bottom line. Small business owners know that various software tools exist that can help them improve their operating efficiency. It is obvious that software can…

The Future of SharePoint

The Future of SharePoint Global multinational technology giant, Microsoft recently hosted a SharePoint Virtual Summit, where a range of exciting new SharePoint innovations were shared. The new SharePoint involves reality tech, Microsoft is also integrating new AI capabilities to the platform and a host of other upcoming updates and changes, here’s a rundown of what’s…

Business Intelligence and Why You Need It

Does My Business Need Business Intelligence Software? Business intelligence allows businesses to make better decisions by accessing big data, and cloud computing has levelled the playing field. Business intelligence allows businesses of any size whether you run small, medium or large to make better decisions by accessing big data. Even small companies that don’t accumulate…

Job Vacancies

Job Vacancy ********************************************************************** Due to continued successful business growth, we currently have a position for a new SharePoint and O365 administrator and developer to join our small team here at our offices in Guildford. The role is very diverse and would involve working with all aspects of SharePoint (both on premise and online). The main skills needed for…

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