Do I Need the Latest Version of SharePoint?

Do I Need the Latest Version of SharePoint?


What’s the Difference between an Update and a Version?

Firstly, I’d like to establish the difference between an update and a version. An update contains small patches and sometimes new features or layouts to a Version. For example, SharePoint 2019 may possibly have an update which has some security patches, and a slight change to one of the tools layouts. An update is free and will pop up as a notification when you open SharePoint. A Version is a completely new product. In SharePoint’s case, one is released every three years. If for example you own SharePoint 2016 and would like SharePoint 2019, you will have to purchase the licensing to SharePoint 2019.

Reasons for Getting the Latest Version of SharePoint

You should only get the latest version of SharePoint if either of these situations apply. Firstly, you require a tool in a later version which will improve your SharePoint site. An example to this could be you have SharePoint 2016 and can’t upload some files as they are too large, SharePoint 2019 has the capability for larger file storage, which would solve your problem. The other reason for migrating  site onto a later version of SharePoint is because the version you currently use is coming to, or past, its end of life. This means that the version you are running is no longer being supported by Microsoft. This is an issue as a security floor which was not discovered will not be patched in an update, making your site prone to hackers who can steal your data. When migrating a site, you have to move it to the next available version, you cannot skip any. When we wanted to migrate VW’s intranet from SharePoint 2010 (which is reaching its end of life) to SharePoint 2016, we needed to first move it to SharePoint 2013, which is still being supported by Microsoft. SharePoint supports each version of SharePoint for 10 years after release, the oldest version which is still being supported is SharePoint 2010.

Should I update SharePoint?

We understand sometimes updates can be an inconvenience, but they are necessary to keeping your SharePoint site safe. We recommend installing the latest update as soon as you receive it. If you are suspicious of a pop ups legitimacy, Google if a SharePoint update has been released. This is good practice for when you see an update on any app when one appears as hackers can use this as a method to install viruses on your computer, however in the case of all Microsoft products this is extremely unlikely due to the security they have in place, thanks Microsoft!

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