Doctor Photo – .NET Project

Doctor Photo – .Net Project


Doctor Photo was established over ten years ago, the company is the longest established Property Photo enhancers in the UK – in fact, they created the category.  Since then, the business has grown to be one of the largest and most trusted in the UK, editing thousands upon thousands of images every month for clients in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Services offered:

  • Facelift
  • Digital Surgery
  • Virtual Furnishing
  • CGI & Visualisation
  • Day to Dusk



Dolphin Networks has been working in collaboration with Doctor Photo for over 3 years. Doctor Photo is a .NET project with a readily available functionality of allowing securely signed in users to upload photos that require editing, image management on the admin side – including discharging amended photos back to the user, and overview of invoices for any given month.

Over the years, as the business strengthened, there were a number of modifications and expansions that Doctor Photo wanted to implement, such as:

  • Integrating Xero, an accounting software, for easier invoice management
  • Extra services to offer to clients
  • Frontend redesign of the main page
  • Securing a development environment

Doctor Photo requested changes to their existing system with the goal of expanding and diversifying their services while further accommodating their user base. We redesigned the frontend side of the website and gave it a whole new appearance, making it more modern, intuitive, compact and simpler to use.

We have integrated Xero, an accounting software, into the application. The integration allows for data from the system to be transferred to Xero and carry over any users that need to be imported, as well as automatically create invoices for any given user, rather than entering all the information manually for each one.

Doctor Photo did also not have a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) prior to Dolphin Networks taking over. It gave them an environment to test development changes before releasing to the production server, which has greatly improved their website’s uptime given the time it takes to ensure that everything is in correct order.

We continue to maintain the SQL Server database where all the data is securely stored, and run daily backups of the production server.


How it works

When logged in, users are able to upload as many images as they like. Once they’re done selecting the services they require and customizing all the options to their needs, the images are uploaded and hosted on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). All the data relevant to any specific image is stored in a SQL Server database.

Once the image editing is complete and the photos are released, the user can find the result in their own personal Recovery Area, from which they can access all the photos that they’ve uploaded over the most recent two months. In addition, the user receives an email automatically generated by Mail Chimp, containing download links.

At the end of each month, invoices are first drafted and reviewed. When finalized, invoice data can then be transferred to Xero and sent out to relevant users, detailing everything that’s been done in a transparent and obvious way.


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