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As a registered Microsoft partner, we at Dolphin Networks (based in Guildford) have a highly experienced helpdesk and support team of Microsoft professionals, Cyber Security and GDPR specialists ready and waiting to solve your problems.

With our cost effective, business first approach, our helpdesk support team are always on hand to solve your IT issues seamlessly with remote screen sharing sessions, phone and email support, through one to one advice; all whilst keeping to language we can all understand. Say goodbye to technical jargon and hello to your helpdesk solution.


8:30am- 5:30pm opening hours

Emails with your ticket overview and contact information of which helpdesk team member is assigned to your ticket

Guaranteed response times from our IT Helpdesk Support team

Professional, high quality support

Commitment from our Helpdesk Support team to provide you
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Helpdesk Support Service Subscription

At Dolphin Networks we like to keep it simple, we have two standard models for our Helpdesk Support Service for you and your business to consider:

Ad hoc
  • Per hour ad-hoc support
  • If you select the ad-hoc support subscription there are no upfront fees, no minimum usage, and you can cancel at any time, just stop calling our office.
£75per hour
  • Includes 2 hours per month.
  • After the 2 hours is used the rate is £15 per 15 mins.
£99per month

Our Helpdesk Customer Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Helpdesk SLAs clearly describe our responsibility, quality of service along with agreed upon response and resolve times. We advocate conducting regular reviews with each of our clients as it is not a static document. Your business focus and delivery will change over time due to legislation change, business expansion or diversification of your service or products.

Call to action – if you require support or advice and you need our help, then simply email or phone our helpdesk to share your technical question or to report an error.

Our Helpdesk Services:

Microsoft Office 365 – we need help with Office 356 apps

You may have invested in a Microsoft Office 365 Business subscription licence for you and your team. However, you may have not had the time to explore the extensive range of Microsoft O365 tools and applications. There are over 30 Office 365 Apps included in a Business Licence subscription. We can offer advice and answer your questions on how best to use the following apps to support your team and drive business growth:

Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Teams, Sharepoint, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Another challenge your business may face, is that you and/or your team are not confident or lack the technical knowledge and experience to fully utilize Microsoft O365 tools and applications. We are here to help, advise and share best practice in a technical jargon free manner.

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint – we need help with SharePoint

We are Microsoft certified specialists and have extensive expertise and knowledge of all versions of SharePoint online and on-premise. Microsoft Office 365 enables you to create a SharePoint site(s) to enable an intelligent digital workplace which connects you to your staff teams, and to your business.

Microsoft Office SharePoint, questions you or your team may have:

– What is the difference between a team or communication SharePoint site?
– How do I collaborate on SharePoint online?
– How to create a site hub on SharePoint?

– How to create a document list?
– How to embedded an image into a SharePoint page?

– Understand the difference between modern and classic SharePoint sites?
– How to create, upload, and share files in a document library, share & sync?
– SharePoint security and protocol settings options to comply with data protection, restricting access to sensitive information and compliance with GDPR?

We  are happy to offer advice and answer any of your questions,  give our team a call or email your query to

Microsoft Office 365 – How does Office 365 protect my Business? It is important to have a skilled Office 365 administrator, even in small businesses, who can manage staff members Office 365 licence and configure security options accurately, and to ensure your business is GDPR compliant. It’s worth outsourcing this management task, unless you have in-house staff with proper training.

Every Office 365 Administrator should know and understand the following access entry points for
Office 365 Management and Governance:

Office 365 portal: once granted permission and access staff members can access web-based services here and also manage installations of Office desktop apps.

Office 365 Admin centre, for those staff member(s) whom have assigned administrator roles, this portal includes configuration and governance options for managing staff members access and groups, licenses, and billing. At the bottom of the navigation panel there is access to admin centres for specific services, such as Exchange Online (email) and OneDrive for Business.

Azure Active Directory Admin Centre: Included in every Office 365 business subscription also includes a free Azure Active Directory account. Your nominated Office 365 Administrator(s) can manage staff member accounts and devices from this portal and can also configure and control interactions with people / clients outside your business and existing local servers.

Microsoft SQL Sever: Developed by Microsoft, SQL Server is a relational database management system. As a database server, it is a software product with the main function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications. These applications may run either on the same desktop computer or on another laptop across a network.

With the ever-growing technology and the fast digitalisation of everything around us, companies see an increase in data which needs to be stored somewhere. While traditional spreadsheets can be used for managing small and medium sized data, they’re not equipped well enough to deal with larger data sets.

If your data needs a database or simply needs to be organised better with a quicker and easier approach, SQL Server can easily handle all that and more. Even if it’s particularly complex, you can have customized queries for precise information retrieval. It takes the pressure off of trying to manage data manually and your business processes see a better and faster performance. To understand better what SQL really is, check out one of articles – Why Your Business Needs SQL.

Microsoft SQL Server, questions you or your team may have:

1. What is SQL Server used for?
2. How many types of SQL are there?
3. What is the difference between MySQL and SQL?
4. What is difference between SQL Express and SQL Server?
5. What is the maximum size of SQL Server database?
6. Does SQL Express have SQL Agent?

Andy Taylor is a SQL expert, with over 25 years’ experience advising and consulting with businesses both with UK domestic and international clients. He knows the questions to ask, the right answer to share related to your industry sector. We refer to him as ‘SQL Sever King’

Microsoft Power BI & Reporting

A Power BI Report is a multi-perspective view into a data model (organizes elements of data and standardizes how the data relate to one another), to make is more appealing and engaging for the target audience. The information is represented with visualizations (diagrams/graphics) that present different findings and insights from that data model.

A Power BI report can have a single picture/diagram or pages full of visualizations. Depending on your role within the business, you may read and explore the reports and insights, or you may create them for your staff team and senior management team.

The business value and benefits of investing in Microsoft Power BI is that you and your management team can connect, model, and then explore your data with visual reports that you can collaborate, publish, and share internally to your team or directly with clients.

In addition, and a cool feature, Power BI integrates with other tools, including Microsoft Excel, so you can get up to speed quickly and work seamlessly with your existing solutions.

Microsoft Power BI, questions you or your team may have:

How do you write a report in Power BI?
How do I create a chart in Power Bi desktop?
Can I publish Power BI report to SSRS?
How do you create visualization?
What are the components of a power BI dashboard?
What is the difference between a Power BI dashboard and report?

Microsoft Office Business Process Solutions, Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)

Microsoft Power Automate (formally known as Microsoft Flow) is an integrated platform with API- and UI-based automation for business customers. It is designed to cater for the full spectrum of staff members from technical team to the wider business departments.

The objective of Power Automate is to computerize routine processes that you or your staff team members use over and over in your work or business. Practically all automated processes begin with a triggering event and end with an action in response to the event.

With Power Automate you can automate your business project management task and status software updates, auto security monitoring and lockdowns of facilities, time tracking, and automated process flows for order filling, inventory management, shipping, purchasing, and billing are just a few business benefits.

Automation is just not for larger business; smaller businesses can gain significant value in Incorporating automation technologies. It can help your business increase agility, lower costs, improve productivity, reduce delays, minimize errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

Power Automate, questions you or your team may have:

– How can you use Power Automate within your business?
– What business processes can be automated?
– How can we use automation system in business to improve productivity?
– How do I use Power Automate app to start computerizing routine business processes?

Cloud Helpdesk Service – what is the cloud?

‘The Cloud’ means that servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Your business may have already invested or exploring using cloud computing. The main appeal that as a business and your team don’t have to manage a physical server themselves or operate software applications on their one machines.

The cloud enables your staff members to access their work files and applications from almost any device. As the computing and storage takes place on server in a data center, instead of locally on the staff members laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Benefits for smaller businesses: It offers you a professional application without needing a server and expensive overheads costs.

Benefits for larger businesses: embrace the advances of a hybrid-cloud solution, mixing cloud-based applications with on-site servers and applications.

Cloud Offer Your Business Flexibility

Business choose Cloud Computing due it’s flexibility that it offers. It enables remote working, so staff members can still be productive and is a solution that is completely scalable, so can grow with your business.

Each business is unique with bespoke requirements so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ – it’s crucial to choose the right balance of Cloud-based services to suit your business requirements.

Dolphin Networks is a registered Microsoft O365 Partner offering advice and guidance to ensure that your cloud deployment provides the best possible outcome. If you are unsure of the path to migrate to Office 365, but can see the benefits, speak to us to ensure a smooth transition. We  are happy to offer advice and answer any of your questions,  give our team a call or email your query to

Cyber Security and GDPR

The 2019 British Cyber Security Breaches Survey is an Official Statistic, measuring how UK organisations approach cyber security, and the impact of breaches across the UK.

The most common cyber-attacks are:

– phishing emails (80% of businesses and 81% of charities experiencing breaches or attacks).
– others impersonating their organisation online (28% and 20%).
– viruses or other malware, including ransomware (27% and 18%).

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in May 2018. It is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals’ residents of the EU. If your business is found to be in breach of GDPR there carries potentially huge fines for non-compliance (4 per cent of annual turnover).

All businesses need to invest time and a fundamental rethink of security and compliance, and, as a Data Protection officer or Database Administrator (DBA), this can be a challenging change to understand and adapt to.

Data Knowledge BaseWhat is data discovery?

Majority of business processes depend upon customer personal data; taking payment, collecting customer details or analysing website activity. With cloud-based systems more common, keeping track of where your data is, what it’s being used for and who by is a challenge, but yet a legal requirement under the GDPR.

 What is DataKB?

Online, self-service tool to understand & manage your data

– Mapping & visualising your data processes at speed.
– Providing a single view of your organisation’s systems & suppliers.
– Maintaining your GDPR compliance through an easy to use tool.
– Manage data rights requests quickly.
– Allowing Unlimited users for your organisation at no additional cost.

Why do you need DataKB?

Data mapping is a key activity for all sizes of businesses must undertake to meet their GDPR legal obligations.  Without first understanding what data you have, where it is and how it is used; your organisation cannot:

– Meet article 30: creating a records of processing
– Deal with data rights requests accurately and efficiently
– Publish truthful and transparent privacy policies

DataKB takes away the inefficiency of trying to keep multiple spreadsheets up-to-date to track this information.  The instant data map visualisation provides extra value beyond GDPR compliance, enabling you to see where business processes are inefficient, systems are wasteful or data assets are not being fully utilised.

Discover your data.

Know your business.

Create new value.

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