How much does waiting and looking cost your business


How often have you spent three or four minutes “looking” for a file on your PC, or in your cloud storage? How many times a week does that three minutes turn into five because you can’t quite remember the name, the version or the location of that file.

What about those times that you are waiting for an email from someone else with a file in it? Waiting for a sales rep to update a customer account? HR to send over starter forms? An architect to share building plans with the project team? It all adds up, and those minutes are all being paid for.

In our experience roughly one in four employees can lose as much as 15 minutes per day with an inefficient system. That’s a tiny fraction of your day- one thirtieth (1/30) – of the time you spend at work not working. The equivalent of 2 minutes per hour. That’s nothing in the grand scheme of things, but adds up as the size of the company grows.


This breaks down to £156.25 per employee, per year based on £10 per hour for a 40 hour week. If you’re paying a higher average wage, then the cost to you is going to be higher. And it still doesn’t look like too much per employee. Roughly £0.43p per day per employee on average.

By using collaboration tools, such as SharePoint everyone who needs access to a specific document, even the latest version, has that access when they need it. With the added flexibility of mobile and cloud computing they can have these documents where they need it too.

If you want to get find out how much your company is losing, get in touch with us at Dolphin Networks and see how much you can save.

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