How to Build a SharePoint Intranet Site

How to Build a SharePoint Intranet Site

Whilst many users can be hesitant when it comes to switching to SharePoint intranet sites, there’s a number of steps that administrators can take control of and curate the content that end users see. For companies, it’s an opportunity to migrate a current intranet site to SharePoint Online.

Some end users may hesitate when it comes to changing to SharePoint intranet, this is due to the overwhelming number of applications that they may already use. Finding ways to engage users with the platform and the new capabilities available is key when deciding on how to build a SharePoint intranet site.

When it comes to creating a Online implementation plan, the first step is to define the different business challenges and processes that the application can help to solve. When discussing how to build a SharePoint intranet site the implementation team should consider five ideas to get employees to buy into it.


Top Tips for Building a SharePoint intranet

When users are first introduced to SharePoint intranet sites, they will formulate an opinion about the platform. If the intranet looks boring or lacks branding and colour coordination, the first impression could be the last.

Successful implementations have shown that the end user experience and the look and feel of the site are critical components of success. SharePoint administrators don’t have to be experienced graphic designers or developers as it comes with templates which will give your SharePoint portal a visual boost. For more information on quick and easy ways to create a great looking theme, please call our team today.


Prebuilt SharePoint intranet Sites Provide a Launching Pad

When it comes to building a SharePoint intranet site, a team of administrators, business stakeholders and consultants should spend time determining what challenges each department faces and what the intranet design could look like. However, this will require a significant amount of time.

You can reduce the time it takes to create a brand-new SharePoint through purchasing a prebuilt SharePoint site which has been designed with best practices for general departments like IT, HR and reporting. For companies which have similar requirements it may make sense to use a prebuilt intranet site.


Add  news updates and social platforms

For the SharePoint system to increase traffic, it’s essential that the platform entices visitors, so they return; adding brand new information frequently will encourage them to revisit. This can be articles, employee spotlights, events and business content.

Adding social components to the SharePoint design where users interact with each other and share feedback can help to increase interest in the site. You could create community sites where your users can post blogs and participate in discussion boards.


Brand the intranet design

In order to increase awareness and drive traffic to a brand-new SharePoint site, IT must make sure that members of the organisation are aware and excited about the new intranet, creating a campaign is good to drive awareness.

Some firms may brand their intranet, add names to it or send notifications after it launches this will help to keep the user engaged. The effort to remind users about the site shouldn’t stop, it must involve ongoing communication with users to highlight new features and content.


Appoint a SharePoint leader for each department

Another great way to get your employees excited about a new SharePoint is to encourage each business unit to have their own champion, they can be the ones who create new content for the site, understand the teams needs, provide feedback and support their team members with nontechnical assistance for SharePoint. Users can demonstrate the value for new functionality and capabilities to their business unit or department.


SharePoint administrators can measure your intranets success based on the end user traffic, measuring the number of visitor views and the amount of content being generated are two key measures to monitor.

In comparison to previous versions and configurations, SharePoint Online will make it much easier to roll out a site with little technical Know-how. Getting users to adopt still needs creativity and upfront planning.

SharePoint Services

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