How to manage Office 365 in your business?

How to manage Office 365 in your business?

Included in Office 365 is a management dashboard that nominated administrators can use to manage your Office 365 licenses, subscriptions, features, and security. The management console can be overwhelming, and even then, some of the advanced features required to be GDPR complicate can only be controlled through PowerShell commands.

It’s crucial to have a skilled Office 365 administrator, even in small businesses, who can manage staff members licence and configure security options correctly, so your business is GDPR compliant. Unless you have in-house staff with proper training, it’s worth outsourcing this management task.

For minimum requirement, every Office 365 Administrator should know the following access entry points for Office 365 Management and Governance:

Office 365 portal once granted permission and access staff members can access web-based services here and also manage installations of Office desktop apps.

Office 365 Admin centre, for those staff member(s) who have assigned administrator roles, this portal includes configuration and governance options for managing staff members access and groups, licenses, and billing. At the bottom of the navigation panel there is access to admin centres for specific services, such as Exchange Online (email) and OneDrive for Business.

Azure Active Directory Admin Center
Included in every Office 365 business subscription also includes a free Azure Active Directory account. Your nominated Office 365 Administrator(s) can manage staff member accounts and devices from this portal and can also configure and control interactions with people / clients outside your business and existing local servers.

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