How to Reduce the Amount of Paper Used in An Office?

How to Reduce the Amount of Paper Used in An Office?

Did you know that 15 billion trees are cut down each year, and around 30% are used to make paper! If you would like to reduce the amount of paper you use in your office, whether it’s to save some money in the long run, reduce your carbon footprint or just sick and tired of losing paper documents then read this blog!

SharePoint Online and Office 365

SharePoint online will dramatically reduce the amount of paper used in the office as there is no need to print documents in order to collaborate on a document with a co-worker. Unlike email, SharePoint uses the Office 365 suit to allow users to share and collaborate on documents on all devices. As the service is hosted on the cloud it can be accessed anywhere, so you will not need to bring printed copies out the office with you, just a device with internet access.

SharePoint Online comes as one of the Office 365 applications. Collaboratively these tools are not only far more powerful and effective than their predecessors with new updated tools and simpler layouts but allows you to work in sync from anywhere you please. Social Tools like Yammer and Teams allow you to communicate in live chats and calls with colleagues whilst working on the same projects.

If you are in the same office, its file transferring tools allow you to send large documents to other Office 365 uses in seconds. In other words, you don’t have to spend time waiting for large documents to print off. You may be asking, ‘but what about email?’ Well, you could transfer through email services like Gmail, however, a lot of these email services have restrictive attachment capacities. By sticking with Office 365 tools you can not only share but also collaborate on a document that can be opened and edited in an Office 365 application such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With Office 365 the only thing you will be using your printer for will be to scan old documents to store on your SharePoint site!

Here at Dolphin Networks we specialize in bespoke SharePoint hosted intranets. We completely redesign the SharePoint layout to suit your needs. We use other Microsoft tools like Power BI and Azure along with help from our partners WEBCON (more on them later) to push the boundaries of standard SharePoint site. We also build custom power apps (widgets) for your intranet to suit your company’s needs. Along with this we deliver a product featuring your companies branding for a professional and stylish finish.

Two concept intranet’s similar to the ones we send our clients. 



WEBCON BPS is a business process system that can be used to process documents quickly through simple forms. Rather than having to pass physical documents to the correct individual in your office, your bespoke system would automatically send the document to the correct inbox along with another form to action the request. With WEBCON BPS and Office 365 your office will have no more need for large filing cabinets, full of reports, requests and other templated documents that have been printed over and over again. WEBCON can either run independently on their brand-new web and mobile app or be added onto a SharePoint site.

What If I Really Need to Print

If you really need to print, then follow these simple steps to make sure no paper is wasted.

  1. Use print preview to make sure you will not have any printing mistakes. Office 365 has a fantastic newly updated print preview layout giving you more customization than ever.
  2. Clean your printer regularly to stop smudging, you can find out how to do this in your printer properties settings.
  3. If your printer can print double-sided, make sure to use this functionality as much as possible.

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