How to Work at home During Coronavirus 

How to Work at home During Coronavirus 

We have decided to write this blog to help as people working at home. Here you can find out how to work from home for free, as well as some other fantastic tools to make it feel like your back in the office. We have also provided some tips on how to make working from home less isolating and how to look after your mental health whilst working from home during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Equipment needed 

Working at home can be very simple, depending on the resources you have, you can work with very little disruption to your business. The two main factors everyone needs to consider are; communication and collaboration.  

When it comes to communication Dolphin Networks’ recommend Microsoft Teams, which is currently free from Microsoft (click here to download). Teams has many fantastic tools; such as individual and group file sharing, audio and video calls, as well as screen sharing. Teams becomes even more powerful with an Office 365 licence, which allows users to collaborate on documents such as PowerPoints, word documents and excel sheets; also included with Office 365 is OneDrive, this makes working over multiple devices very easy due to all your documents being stored safely, in one place – the cloud.  

An alternative to Office 365 is Google Drive, which is an online file storing, sharingand editing tool; Google Drive comes with some basic web apps that are comparable to limited versions of the core Office 365 apps; there are also restrictions when it comes to Google Drive’s storage capabilities. For the time beingunder the current circumstances, Google Drive may offer an extremely useful, if limited, alternative to Office 365 to many people working from home. 

We are currently offering a free Office 365 consulting session to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Click Here to visit our contact page. 

Tips and advice 

The most important part about remote working during COVID-19 is to look after your mental health and in doing so, keep yourself motivatedIt is recommended that you take breaks from screen time often, and that you make sure to create the most comfortable working environment for you. Making the most of your free time through exercising and experimenting with what time helps to relieve the pressure the mostDolphin Networks’ have set up a group on Linked in called Purposeful Innovation (Click Here To Join), our group’s focus right now is getting the most out of remote working, if you need advice then it’s a great place to find information, and you never know – someone else may have already asked that question that keeps nagging at the back of your brain!  

The key to staying positive in isolation is not to feel isolated – let us help you feel more connected! 

If you are having technical issues, you can join our remote help desks service, we can remotely connect to your pc and fix the issue that you your experiencing. To find out more about our Help Desk Click Here. 

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