Importance of Digital Security

What Does Digital Security Mean?

Digital Security can also be known as Cyber Security, although each have different terminologies both digital and cyber security are highly important. It is a question individuals, companies and hackers face daily, as digital landscapes are constantly evolving it is only natural that security has evolved at a similar speed, requiring us all to keep up to date with the latest developments and ensure we have complete cyber security.

In all cyber security is having a complete trust in the exchange of data between a user and a network, the way to trust the data exchange is with a trusted digital identity.

Importance of Digital Security

The Three Pillars of Data Security

When it comes to data security, there are ultimately three pillars in which cyber security consultants will follow to ensure you or your business is completely protected.

These three pillars include;

  • Integrity – It is important to ensure the data which is being secured has not been modified or corrupted. It is also important to be sure of the source – does it originate from the right person?
  • Confidentiality – This means things must be kept private or limited to the data’s availability to certain, pre-specified people or organisations.
  • Availability – Data security needs to work so that interactions and transactions, run conveniently at all times.

There are many different ways to authenticate the three pillars of data security but they all come down to a person having something only they know or something unique such as a fingerprint, etc. these then communicate to the Service Provider to prove the individuals identity.

Why Is Digital Security Important for your Business?

As technology evolves and with the fast paced, global economy means we rely more and more on data and information that is carried throughout cyberspace. As a company or business, it is important to maintain the physical property you own and protect it with security alarms, surveillance cameras, etc. Just as much as you protect your physical business property it is also important to protect your digital space too.

There is no doubt that there will be a range of sensitive information stored within the files of your companies network including employees personal details, passwords and passcodes for a variety of functions and information which is critical to your companies success.

Importance of I.T. Security

There are multiple threats which can breach your business in the cyber world, these can include

  • Cyber Criminals – Attack systems and steal information for profit
  • Hackers – Don’t get confused some hackers are professional and ethical who work for companies to prevent their companies being breached but there are malicious hackers too.
  • Hacktivists – These are socially or politically motivated
  • Nation States – Nation states launch cyberattacks against other countries

Digital Security Consultants are Essential for Businesses

There are many essentials when it comes to hiring a digital security consultant, cyber security solutions can help you enjoy the optimum levels of security throughout your business. The biggest advantages of these include:

  • It Can Protect your Business
  • Protect Personal Info
  • Allows Employees to Work Safely
  • Protect Productivity
  • Stop Your Website from going Down
  • Denies Spyware
  • Supports your I.T. Expert
  • Inspire Confidence in your Customers
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