Is Dropbox Secure?

Is Dropbox Secure?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file sharing service which allows people to share files to each other’s devises. Unfortunately, Dropbox accounts have been prone to hacking through scams, code-breaking and viruses. This blog is going to go through Dropbox’s faults and give you some safe alternative services.

How Can My Dropbox Be Hacked?

There are multiple ways in which a Dropbox can be hacked. Most commonly scams are carried out through email, either through people posing as Dropbox and requesting passwords or redirecting files to the scam emails. A common scam involves stealing data and requesting a bitcoin transaction to receive it back. Malware is also very commonly used to hack Dropbox accounts; these viruses are most commonly downloaded through emails and web links.

What about GDPR?

General Data Protection Rights have also been broken to some extent depending on the information uploaded onto a Dropbox. Unlike other services, Dropbox employees have full access to all data on all accounts. Once data has been shared on Dropbox it is also harder to control where that data goes. Dropbox has been scrutinised for covering these potential breaches of information due to their confusing Terms and Conditions.

What Are the Alternatives?


OneDrive works in almost exactly the same format as Dropbox however it is far safer. Firstly, onetime passwords come as default when logging in on a new device, every time your account is being added on a new device Microsoft will send a code via to the mobile number you added when setting up your account. This means unless the hacker physically has your phone, they are unable to log into your account. OneDrive also has a virus alert service built in, if someone is trying to steal your data, OneDrive will back up all your data, send you an alert and ask you to follow a step of instructions to stop the attack.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint online has the same security measures as OneDrive, however, with the help of Dolphin Networks, a SharePoint Online site can be made very secure within the company, giving different users different levels of control over what data can be seen by certain users. Along with file sharing tool a SharePoint online site can also have task management tools making it easier for line managers to set tasks. Along with Office 365 Online, which works just like the office apps you already know, you now have the advantage of live collaboration when working on documents with others. Let’s put this into a scenario, you’re a line manager and you have set one of your team a task, they will be doing the majority of the work, however, you will be adding some input. You can create a file which only you, your superiors, and the individual you have set the task to, to access and edit that file. If you are both working on an excel spreadsheet which you can both edit simultaneously, and your superiors can see your updates live.

SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 can be even safer than SharePoint Online as it can be more cyber safe as it can be stored on a local server. As the server is not cloud based it makes cyber-attack attempts very, VERY unlikely. Of course, we would still recommend having some anti-malware software on the device just in case. SharePoint 2019 has all the same functionalities as online however if you choose to store it on a local server mobile and portability function will be lost. You can store certain parts of the site on local and other parts on the cloud in order to restore some of the mobile functionality.


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