Latest updates to SharePoint and One Drive

The 2017 SharePoint Virtual Summit kicked off yesterday

Few key points from the keynote presentation.

  • First SharePoint is growing and growing fast.
  • Now with over 100 million Office 365 users.
  • Used by over 250K organisations including 85% of the Fortune 500 firms.
  • On-Line is increasing in importance as over 60% of SharePoints seats are cloud based.
  • This change represents a 90% in active users who have grown the total amount of data stored in SharePoint by over 300%.

These changes represent the largest ever growth in SharePoint history.

Couple of enhancements that are coming soon:

Sharing with confidence with a new Sharing Experience to let you easily share files and determine which files to sync and share.

Determine how to share data both inside and outside of SharePoint permitting better deployment and integration with partners, customers and suppliers.

Enhanced admin tools.

“Today, we announced the new SharePoint admin center, which will begin rolling out in the fourth quarter of 2017. From the homepage, you’ll notice just how much better it is, with interactive usage reports, Message Center posts and a Service Health dashboard tuned to the needs of SharePoint administrators.” – Office blog

 Expect these new features to me rolled out over the rest of the year. It’s an exciting time to be a SharePoint developer as these new tools and features will let Dolphin develop some very interesting solutions.


If you have questions about questions on using and deploying SharePoint contact us via the form below.


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