Meeting Mister Workflow!

Meeting Mister Workflow!

Mike ‘Mister Workflow’ Fitzmaurice is one of the most important figures of the SharePoint and workflow community. He was the original SharePoint Evangelist at Microsoft, in other words, Mike came up with the concept of SharePoint. After Leaving Microsoft he started working at different workflow solutions companies whilst also speaking at conferences all over the world. He has now made the move to the world’s greatest workflow solution, WEBCON!WEBCON have dominated Europe over the last few years and earlier this year opened their first US office in Seattle and hired ‘Mister Workflow’ as their Vice President. He’s helping work out the best practices for developers when working with the low-code product, speaking at event about why WEBCON is the best program for making and running automated processes, directing WEBCON’s expansion in the US and Canada. Upon joining the company, he explained very simply why he chose to join WEBCON, 1, he loves the Product, 2, he loves the company. Business Development Manager Katie Williams Visited the SharePoint Saturday London 2019 on June 1st to speak to Mike about all things WEBCON.

Interview Highlights

Katie dove deeper into the reasons why Mike Fitzmaurice chose WEBCON over its competitors. ‘I thought if I were to build a program what would it be like’ ‘WEBCON was upon joining  90% of that program, since joining and taking on some of my advice I’d say we are up getting up to 95%’ ‘It’s the only Workflow that starts with the process’ ‘how would you know what data you need until you figure out why you need it?’. Katie then went on to ask what it’s like to work with WEBCON Mike had nothing but good words about his new co-workers. ‘They are really good people, they’re easy to deal with and business with them is a painless process’. ‘Mister Workflows’ favorite part about WEBCON’s system is that processes are designed to last for years and to be changed and adapted over time. ‘There’s no such thing as a process that doesn’t change’.

We’d like to thank Mr. Fitzmaurice for taking the time to speak with us and we are looking forward to meeting him at future events. If you would like more of his workflow wisdom, check out his blog

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