Microsoft Azure enables powerful forecasting at the Met Office

From its base in Exeter, The UK’s Met Office provides global weather insight services using one of the world’s largest supercomputers.  In their ongoing drive to provide greater personalisation to its forecast they are developing more ways in which citizen scientists can contribute data and in order to do this they needed to be able rely on a reliable and economical partner for the cloud provision.


Following a rigorous selection process, Microsoft Azure was chosen as the Met Office’s cloud provider to power their Weather Observation Website (WOW) project.   Previously data had only been collected from weather observation stations under the Met Office’s direct control; the WOW project is enabling information from automatic weather stations owned by the general public to be added via the website to complement the Met Office data and provide more localised, and therefore more accurate, forecasting.  Moving forward the project is looking to capture non-standard observations, for example those provided automatically from moving platforms such as cars or boats to further enhance the service.

The Met Office is thrilled that WOW is making a significant contribution to weather forecasting with its crowd source data and is eagerly anticipating input from many more citizen scientists and other data sources.  The organisation is delighted that, having chosen Microsoft Azure, they are already reaping the benefits of its resilience and scalability as the number of contributors to WOW grows.

Learn more at the Met Office WOW project


If you have questions about questions on using Azure, feel free to post them in the comments section or contact us via the form below.


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