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Microsoft TEAMS – General Overview


Microsoft Teams communication app now has over 20 million daily active users, up almost 54% from Microsoft’s prior announcement about usage and still ahead of main competitor Slack.

In Nov 2019, Teams customers participated in more than 27 million voice or video meetings and performed over 220 million open, edit, or download actions on files stored in Teams.

Now you may be reading this and be like…”mmmmm what is Microsoft Teams? – we need this application in our business!” Teams has been around for a while, since March 2017, and Microsoft has included Teams in companies’ subscriptions to the Office 365 Business bundle of productivity software at no additional charge.

However, we at Dolphin Networks understand that businesses, aka people are busy and you simply may not have realised that you have access to the Team App and a wide range of FREE application that can significantly help save your business time, money and reduce your stress levels.

Top Features of Microsoft Teams

In Teams, people can make calls and exchange messages with teammates, and work on files without switching to different applications.
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Find channels to belong to or create your own. Inside channels you can hold on-the-spot meetings, have conversations, and share files.

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In some cases, if your organization has it set up, you can call anyone from Teams, even if they’re not using Teams.

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Catch up on all your unread messages, @mentions, replies, and more.

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See everything you’ve got lined up for the day or week. Or, schedule a meeting. This calendar syncs with your Outlook calendar.

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Walkie Talkie is a push-to-talk feature will allow smart phone and tablets to function as walkie talkies.  The intention is to reduce the number of devices that first line workers will need to carry, lowering overall costs to the business.

Pros of Microsoft Teams

  • – Productivity gains and enriched communication, Microsoft Teams is easy to use and intuitive.
  • – Increased transparency on decision making between team members.
  • – Seamless move to a digital workplace
  • – at no additional charge as the Teams App is included in O365 Business license package.
  • – New team members can more quickly get up to speed on project as all the related information, files, recorded meetings are collated in a TEAM channel.

So, how do I get Teams?

To access the app, you need one of the following Office 365 license plans: Business Essentials, Business Enterprise E1, E3, or E5. Customers who don’t have a Teams license as part of an Office 365 subscription can sign up for a free one-year trial. If you have a personal Office 365 subscription, you won’t be able to access Microsoft Teams.

Security and Governance for Teams

According to Microsoft, “Teams is built on the Office 365 hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud, delivering the advanced security and compliance capabilities our customers expect. Additionally, Teams features two-factor authentication and encrypted data (in transit and at rest).”

Enterprise grade is a term used to describe hardware and software that can support larger or complex organisations with a variety of demands and workloads.


Your organization might require that you implement strict controls on how teams are named and classified, whether guests can be added as team members and who can create teams. You can configure each of these areas by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

The TEAMS administrator who configures the security settings, and all the members of the affected groups, must have Azure AD Premium licenses assigned to them. So, unless you have AD Premium, you cannot control who creates groups. You can get started with 12 months of free services here.

Be sure to use a security group to restrict who can create groups. If you try to use an Office 365 Group, members won’t be able to create a group from SharePoint because it checks for a security group.Only one security group in your organization can be used to control who is able to create Groups in o365 TEAMS. But you can nest other security groups as members of this group. Admins in the roles listed above do not need to be members of this group: they retain their ability to create groups.

If members of the security group are not able to create groups, check that they’re not being blocked through their OWA mailbox policy.

Microsoft Teams “Did You Know?”

Microsoft Teams is designed to provide an easier way for small groups of people to communicate and collaborate. Let’s get some advice from the Microsoft experts on How to use Microsoft Teams, a demo tutorial (2019).

– Jeremy Chapman, Director Microsoft 365
– Aya Tange from Microsoft Team

Learn everything you need to know about using Microsoft Teams in 15 minutes. Aya Tange from Microsoft Teams walks through the end-to-end user experiences with a full demo tutorial: from chat and collaboration to online meetings and calling capabilities. If you’re in IT, they also cover the core set of admin controls for managing Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams helpful tips

You can record online meetings

You can record online meetings (always seek consent of team members/clients) which can be viewed again or shared with team members to watch at a later stage. We find this a helpful feature to review the ‘fine’ details of client’s specifications when creating project proposals.

Meeting notes

Meeting notes can be inputted directly into Teams. A few things to keep in mind:

Only people in the same org as the meeting organizer will be able to start or access meeting notes.
Meeting notes are available for up to 20 people. If a meeting has more than 20 people, only the first 20 will have access to notes.
Only people who are invited to a meeting before notes are created will have access to them. People invited later won’t have access

Translate messages

There are 39 languages to choose from – select the three dots on the top right-hand of the message and scroll to translate, select the language you require

You can save messages

Save a message so you can revert to it at a later stage. In addition, you can pin a message to appear at the top of a feed, so it is there for colleagues to easily access.

Non-members can join meetings

A Person external to your business, can be invited to join a Teams meeting. However, you must be the Team owner to add people external to the organisation to the conversation.

Add a Tab

You can connect / add a tab to Team feed channels – i.e. a document, website, SharePoint Site, external website, Power BI Report, etc.

Shifts App

Shifts App in Microsoft Teams keeps colleagues connected and in sync. It’s built mobile first for fast and effective time management and communication for teams. Shifts lets colleagues and their managers use their mobile devices to manage schedules and keep in touch.

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