What is Microsoft Azure?

If you are a dedicated follower of Microsoft, then there is no doubt you will of heard of Microsoft Azure. This is a cloud computing service which is a huge part of Microsoft’s business, which competes with similar services from Amazon and Google. What really is Microsoft Azure? Cloud Computing Explained By using the word…

Our Top Reasons Why You Need Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft have recently released two editions of its new and improved online productivity suite, Office 365. Available in two editions ‘small business’ and ‘enterprise’ this makes it easy and cost effective to go “into the cloud” without losing the familiar Microsoft server and client applications. The release of Office 365 will include email, communications, collaboration…

Why You Need Data Warehousing?

Why Do I Need Data Warehouse? Data warehouse can be implemented to help avoid any various challenges. In an age of serious competition, it isn’t ideal to make decisions alone, it must be taken on time, if you run out of time you will view your competitors getting ahead. Let’s take a supermarket for example,…

Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint for Businesses

Benefit Of Using Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint has been around since 2001 and has quickly become one of biggest collaborative tools for businesses; available on the market. When Microsoft launched a new version n 2007 it really took off. SharePoint has continued to grow and update over the years and its capabilities have grown exponentially....

11 Things that can Make or Break an Office-based Business

As a business owner you’ll understand the ups and downs that come with working in an office. The Monday morning blues, ‘hump day’ mid-week Wednesday, and the final push toward Friday are no stranger to you. However, it’s key to recognise and reduce the external stress your staff may experience while at work. It will…

SharePoint Tabbed Web Parts

                 With this Blog, I would like to share with you a SharePoint feature written by a gentleman called Mark Rackley. I take no credit for this other than having the pleasure of passing this method on for others to also benefit from.                Please visit: http://www.markrackley.net/2015/08/16/sharepoint-tabbed-web-partshillbillytabs-3-0/                If you have a single SharePoint…

Facilities Management. Business Intelligence and Business Processes. How do you manage?

Managing office buildings, public areas and other corporate facilities generates a lot of data. There can be many business processes to incorporate into the general everyday running of buildings. These processes can sometimes be quite simple, but can also be quite complex incorporating SLA, (service level agreements), governance policies, supply chain management and the use…

More SharePoint Updates

Microsoft is readying new smarter SharePoint search capabilities, as well as several other new features for SharePoint users Microsoft officials previewed the company’s plans for its next set of SharePoint updates and features during the recent SharePoint Virtual Summit webcast. While Microsoft will continue to support its SharePoint Server on-premises users and will release a…

SharePoint Grows as an Intranet solution

SharePoint Emerges From Its Ugly Duckling Phase Two interesting observations from Microsoft's May 17 SharePoint Virtual Summit: One was a quote from SharePoint VP Jeff Teper, "Intranets aren't just a project for some people, it's a career." This was followed by a discussion about how people felt they could make a positive impact in their company by...

Latest updates to SharePoint and One Drive

The 2017 SharePoint Virtual Summit kicked off yesterday Few key points from the keynote presentation. First SharePoint is growing and growing fast. Now with over 100 million Office 365 users. Used by over 250K organisations including 85% of the Fortune 500 firms. On-Line is increasing in importance as over 60% of SharePoints seats are cloud based….

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