Office 365 – Going with the Flow


Office 365 – Going with the Flow:-


You may have seen this App among the selection of Apps available within your Office 365 account and wondered what is all about. Well if you Google it you may find a description like this

Flow is different. It sits across the Microsoft cloud platform and has connectors out to a whole load of other cloud solutions as well, allowing you to build automated processes that cross technology boundaries.”

But what does this mean? Essentially it is one of these new tools that lives in the cloud. You can use it to ‘watch’ for things happening some ware in the cloud and then do something. .


As an example when you go into Flow to create a new Flow event you get asked where you would like to start. There are many starting points but for now just note that you can see from the insert on the right that we can look for things happening on many different Cloud Apps as our trigger. There are many of these out there already.


So let’s create a simple SharePoint app that might interest you. Let’s say you have to prepare a weekly document (Spread Sheet or Word Doc) and save this to SharePoint. Following this you then need to create an Email to advise a group of people that you have loaded this week’s report etc.                Two actions for you to take then. Let’s use Flow to save you 50% of this task and automate the Emailing function. We do this by creating an App to recognise a new file has been loaded to a given Document Library and then sends an Email to a specified group. So click on the FLOW icon in your 356 account and then choose “Create from Blank”

You will then see a screen asking you where to start. I have added SharePoint to the search bar to just show me the SharePoint stuff.

Click on SharePoint – When a file is created.
I then added my Site URL and after clicking on the Folder Id icon I was presented with all the folders on my site. Great I don’t have to remember all this J
Next click “Add an Action” from the new screen that appears.
A new action event picker is displayed and here I filtered for Outlook (I want to send an Email)
The final section is then simple to fill out. Just select the Email Address/s to whom you want to send to. Add a Mail Subject, then put some words into the Email Body. Notice that you can include ‘Dynamic’ data such as the file path and file name in the Body that will be filled in for you when the Email is sent.
Finally click the Create Flow button and your all done


Now every time a new file is added to your chosen folder the people in the Email To: section get advised WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO DO ANYTHING !!!!


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