Office 365 – Pin App to the Task Bar

Pin an App to the task bar in Office 365:-

A neat and simple trick in O 365 is to be Pin an application to the task bar so that you can easily navigate between applications with one click. To achieve this, click the blue box with all the squares to the left of the Office 365 area to display the App Picker as seen below.

For the App you want to add to the task bar just click the app to show the three ellipsis and click these. This will open a small menu box. Click the > to the right of More and choose ‘Pin to nav bar’.

The App chosen will now be ‘pinned’ to the nav bar as seen below circled. You can add as many as you wish.

Afterwards when working in one app and needing to move to an alternative simply click the icon in the nav bar to switch between apps.

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