Outsourcing your SharePoint Support can save you more than just money

One of the most common arguments against outsourcing any service is that it will cost more to pay someone else to do it than it will to hire an internal member of staff. Depending on the exact product you could be right, but more often than not outsourcing your SharePoint Support can save time and money. A lot of time and money.

For some reason SharePoint Support outsourcing isn’t as big as it could be in the UK. We outsource almost every other support service, so why not our IT support? Company cars are not serviced by a company mechanic. Company health care is not provided by a company doctor.

Outsourcing your SharePoint Support can reduce your costs: The average annual salary of an in-house SharePoint Administrator is approximately £30 to £40K per annum. Do you really need to spend that much, or would outsourcing allow you to use those funds where they are needed most?

And although you are heavily dependent on your IT systems to run your business, you can’t justify a full-time, in-house employee. This means there are no experts on hand if you have a critical failure and you will need to resort to costly emergency support should this occur. You may already have an in house Support team, but if there is a serious issue and they try everything they can think of, but it is beyond their capabilities? Using outsourced SharePoint support you always have a team of experts on call that are never off sick or take any holidays. They can come up with solutions to complement and support your own internal IT staff.

Are you looking to use the latest version of SharePoint? The landscape is a constantly changing environment and technology is transforming at a rapid rate. How do you find out if there is a new product, software upgrade or application that may be able to benefit your current operations? An outsourced SharePoint support provider is at the forefront of SharePoint. They will also have access to additional services and solutions.

Talk to us today about our outsourcing services. We also offer a SharePoint HelpDesk service specifically designed for companies that don’t want the bother of providing their own internal SharePoint IT HelpDesk.


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