PCE – SharePoint Online Intranet

PCE Case Study – SharePoint Online Company Intranet Portal

PCE Ltd, has been established for over 40 years and is a UK market leader in the construction of precast concrete and prefabricated structural solutions.

PCE moved to Microsoft Office 365 including SharePoint Online in order to harness the benefits of a cloud based document management and collaboration system.

What they needed was a solution where they could collaborate internally on document management and provide an aesthetic company branded Intranet Portal where users could go to be informed about company news, events and other important information as well as have their say.

Dolphin Networks Solution

To meet PCE’s requirements, Dolphin Networks designed a web-based Intranet portal application using SharePoint Online and hosted using PCE’s already-existing SharePoint Online portal. The landing page of their Intranet was designed beyond the limits of what SharePoint offers out of the box, exactly to the specification desired by the client.

How it works

Leveraging the powerful features already present in SharePoint, such as lists and Office integration, the Intranet portal makes liberal use of JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS in addition to features provided out-of-the-box. This allows functionality beyond what SharePoint already provides, and more closely matches the needs of the client. For example, the SPServices jQuery library allows retrieval of data from the SharePoint back-end to be rendered in a multitude of ways beyond what can be achieved by simply using built in SharePoint Web Parts; while the Unslider library allows the display of animated sliding images to display announcements on the landing page.

Of course, all of the content administration for the custom coded functions can be easily administered by PCE’s Intranet admin users through the self explanatory SharePoint front end.


We would like to thank the Team at Dolphin Networks for their excellent support and professionalism during the implementation of our SharePoint Intranet. They understood our brief from the start and delivered a site that met our expectations.

They are very responsive to any issues and have been extremely patient whilst we have been learning the system and we would highly recommend them.

Carrie Smith, PCE

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