EGS International

Bespoke SharePoint Team Site

Industry: Energy

EGS is a leading international group of companies specialising in multi-disciplinary marine survey support, and delivers solutions to the Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Energy & Renewables, and Marine Infrastructure market sectors for over 45 years

EGS required SharePoint expertise to build a simple and user-friendly environment for their staff to organise their documents and forms for various departments and vessels. They already had a basic SharePoint environment, but this was seeing no use.


The developers at Dolphin IT Solutions were enlisted to build a brand new, easy-to-use SharePoint environment, clearly split between departments and vessels, with a separate administrative area, where they could store all their forms (Excel, Word, and PDF files). The goal was for the system to be approachable for users that have no experience with SharePoint.

This was achieved by using a Modern SharePoint site, employing a simple homepage layout with clearly laid out information and web parts. Departments were represented by large icon tiles as well as the department’s name as a label, which would then allow users to navigate into these departments’ forms and documents; each department had its own security settings based on a permissions matrix provided by EGS.

The first stage was to set up the SharePoint environment, including the front-end design as well as the back-end library configuration. The second stage was to migrate all the relevant forms and documents from an on-premises file share, into SharePoint, where they could be maintained and shared much more easily. The final stage was to provide two training sessions to bring the relevant users up to speed on how to use the environment, from basic front-end usage to back-end administration.