Bespoke Business Management System (WEBCON)

Eggborough Power Station is a 2000MW coal-field power plant, responsible for powering over 2 million homes in the UK every day. Eggborough aim to be the safest power plant in the world through modernising the plant with recent technology. Recently they have started using Biomass as well as coal to cut back on pollution and help the local wildlife around the power station, which is regarded as a place of natural beauty. The power station was recently bought by Czech Republic company, EPH, who own three other power stations in the UK.

Eggborough Power Station, EPH, and all the other associated power stations were all using different outdated systems which were no longer fit for purpose. They needed one digitised data management system for all the stations which allowed them to…

  • Record actions taken in the company
  • Report incidents, accidents and near misses
  • Manage and created documents and procedures
  • Produce analytical reports
  • Create a holistic system with the flexibility to build, evolve and supplement with additional features as the needs of the business change.

The Solution

EPUKI had already made the decision to move to Office 365, with SharePoint deployed throughout the business, so we built their intranet using SharePoint Online. This meant all their current documents were easily migrated onto the intranet and they also kept the collaboration features of Office 365 Online.

To rebuild their current systems, we used WEBCON. WEBCON provided EPUKI with the requirements they needed to rebuild their old systems. The first system was the Document Management System which allowed users to create and manage documents, that have been created from Office Word templates, with an approval system. Once a document has been approved in all the stages in the system, the document will be published to a designated SharePoint document library for staff members to view.

Another system that required a re-build was Action Tracking. This system allowed users to create actions for other users to complete and the system provided users to track the actions to see progress and have a record of the action for future reference. All actions will undergo a review before they can be signed off.

The final process EPUKI needed to re-build was the Incident Reporting process which was essential so users can report incidents, near misses, injuries, and observations across all the stations in the UK and Ireland. A user can log or report an incident in the system, which would be sent to a reviewer to check over the incident. If the incident requires an investigation the reviewer can put this forward and the investigator will be informed and will carry out the investigation of the incident. Once completed and reviewed the incident can be closed.

All processes are accompanied with email notifications so users can be updated on the progress of a document, incident or action as well as notified when they need to complete a task. All emails have been developed using a template, so they are designed and formatted to EPUKI’s style. WEBCON also provides the ability for the data to be presented in charts and reports with business intelligence and reporting tools. Furthermore, WEBCON has a well built security platform for the data making sure users only see the data and processes they are allowed to see.

Based on the success of WEBCON in the rebuilding of EPUKI’s old systems, we had the opportunity to create brand new systems for EPUKI in 2021 to help with their daily tasks and management. The new systems we created for them are…

  • Change Management
  • Contractor Query
  • Drawings
  • Outage Management
  • Record Management
  • Safety Alerts
  • Technical Incident Reporting

All the new processes have been developed within WEBCON and due to WEBCON’s vast range of configuration options, we can develop bespoke systems for EPUKI. These new systems have greatly improved EPUKI employees with their time management and efficiency in completing tasks as they now have a central location to complete and manage all the tasks assigned to them. Based on this they can plan their work and complete tasks accordingly as well as having reminders of tasks due for completion soon.

WEBCON allowed EPUKI to save time and money as they no longer need to train users on multiple old outdated systems but now, they can be trained in modern systems all being similar in look and feel due to the WEBCON platform. This saves money in maintenance, licenses, hardware, software, and cloud storage.