WEBCON and SharePoint System

Exolum is a leading international company in the transport and storage of petroleum products in Europe and one of the leading companies in this sector in the world. They manage Europe’s largest network of refined products and are ranked second in Europe and seventh in the world in terms of storage capacity.
In total, they have more than 1,700 employees and a logistics system consisting of more than 6,000 kilometerstres of pipelines, 54 storage facilities and 34 airport facilities, with more than 9 million cubic meters of capacity, located in five countries.

Exolum and associated businesses were all using different outdated management systems which were no longer fit for purpose. They needed one digitised data management system which allowed them to…

  • Record actions taken in the company
  • Report incidents, accidents and near misses
  • Manage and created documents and procedures
  • Produce analytical reports
  • Create a holistic system with the flexibility to build, evolve and supplement with additional features as the needs of the business change

The Solution

Exolum had already made the decision to move to Office 365, with SharePoint deployed throughout the business. We created a Document Management and Creation Form Templates process to drive documents through a workflow for various levels of sign off and approval. This included personnel, managers, and stakeholders using the process automation to enable notification of approvals/rejections.
Using Office Word templates and Outlook email templates, we are able to create a well-branded and formalised solution that includes notifications, escalation procedures and well-defined document procedural content that has been driven through a company approval process.
We create a Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboard, so users can easily carry out tasks such as log and report incidents and manage tasks more efficiently. Once tasks are complete, the report is automatically sent to the correct department’s document library on SharePoint for their general distribution, along with notifications to the relevant business principles. In addition, created a KPI Report on time taken to create and approve documents.