Sustainability Reporting BI Portal

Industry: Investment

Invesco is an independent investment management firm dedicated to delivering an investment experience that helps people get more out of life. Invesco is an environmentally aware company with a responsibility to report on and monitor consumption of utilities with the aim of meeting defined sustainability targets.

Invesco needed a BI reporting portal that they could use to upload all of their consumption data with a view to collating the data in a data warehouse for historical, present and future predictive analysis reporting. They also needed the ability to create consumption surveys that could be distributed to their facilities managers on a workflow schedule, with the capability for their data stewards to collate the data into the data warehouse to provide the reporting function. From there, a series of interactive reports and dashboards would be used to create the output and also combine into a downloadable report for distribution.


To meet the requirements of the system, Dolphin IT Solutions designed a business intelligence application developed on SharePoint 2013 and hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Cloud hosting meant that access by all clients both internal and external to the company could be easily achieved via a secure forms based authentication logon. The speed to market that can be achieved from cloud hosting also meant that the whole solution was delivered to the client within 3 months. SharePoint 2013 was the perfect platform to develop this application with built in features such as business intelligence, search, work flow and security. This meant development time was minimised and licencing costs were absorbed by the company’s existing volume licencing agreement. SQL Server 2012 was the obvious choice for the data warehouse backend to drive ETL with Integration Services & reporting with Reporting Services, including Analysis Services for multi-dimensional reporting and fully interactive user data analysis.