Open Energy Market

SharePoint Migration, Custom PowerApp and Ongoing Support

Open Energy Market is a leading provider of energy procurement services and Net Zero technologies, established in 2012 with the aim of making the energy industry more transparent and accessible to businesses.

OEM specialises in utilising data and insights to inform their Risk Management, Trading and Sustainability experts, bringing cost savings, confidence and control to clients in a volatile market.

OEM faced significant challenges in its document management system, relying on Dropbox for file storage and collaboration. The company encountered issues related to the unstructured nature of Dropbox, leading to difficulties in version control, organisation, and overall document retrieval. This disorganized approach hindered collaboration and efficiency, prompting the organisation to seek a more robust solution.

OEM identified inefficiencies and challenges in its onboarding processes, which were primarily ad-hoc and lacked a standardized approach. The absence of a formalized system led to delays, errors, and a lack of clarity in registering new users, laptops, and equipment. This ad-hoc method not only hindered the onboarding experience for new employees but also resulted in inconsistencies in data entry and tracking. The need for a more structured and formal onboarding process became evident to streamline operations and enhance the overall employee experience.

Then there was also the challenge of not having a proactive and efficient IT support system. OEM needed someone to provide IT support as and when necessary.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive document management system, OEM decided to migrate from Dropbox to SharePoint and contracted Dolphin IT Solutions to do it for them. The migration process involved transferring data to the new platform, and we had to ensure data integrity and continuity. We set up the SharePoint site, with a focus on creating a structured and user-friendly interface. To address security concerns, we implemented robust access controls and permissions. The basic structure of the SharePoint site was carefully designed to enhance document categorisation, version control, and overall accessibility. This solution aimed to provide OEM with a more organized and secure document management system, enabling them to collaborate better and be more efficient across the organisation.

To address the onboarding challenges, we implemented a PowerApp accessible to the entire organisation. We designed the PowerApp with a focus on introducing formality to the onboarding process, replacing ad-hoc requests with a more standardized and user-friendly interface. This app aimed to streamline the registration of new users, laptops, and equipment, ensuring that each step of the onboarding process was clearly defined and easily navigable. The PowerApp not only provided a structured approach to onboarding but also facilitated better data accuracy, reducing errors and improving the overall efficiency of the onboarding process. By adopting this solution, OEM established a more organized and formalised onboarding system, contributing to a smoother integration of new employees into the company's operations.

In response to the IT support challenges, Dolphin IT Solutions provides ongoing IT support for OEM. This includes proactive management of basic Office 365 support tasks, such as creating and managing groups, user accounts, and password resets. Our support team is equipped to address a wide range of IT-related issues promptly. We give special attention to PC rebuilding, ensuring that the process minimises downtime for employees. Dolphin IT Solutions provides continuous and reliable support for all OEM’s IT-related needs, which continually contributes to improved operational efficiency, which is what companies like OEM always appreciate.