SharePoint Online Company Intranet Portal

Industry: Construction

PCE Ltd, has been established for over 40 years and is a UK market leader in the construction of precast concrete and prefabricated structural solutions.

To meet PCE’s requirements, Dolphin Solutions designed a web-based Intranet portal application using SharePoint Online and hosted using PCE’s already-existing SharePoint Online portal. The landing page of their Intranet was designed beyond the limits of what SharePoint offers out of the box, exactly to the specification desired by the client.


Firstly, we stripped the content of the SharePoint back and removed the unwanted tools. We then went on to build new tools and templated content pages, as requested by the client to make the site more suitable and user friendly to their needs. We built a Code Translator for their intranet finance landing page to quickly find the new Orica Fusion codes. Accompanying this was a countdown tool, which descended to the day in which they were changing Orica system. We also added some page link panel, which directed users to tools other web pages such as financing tools and excel templates. Finally, we automated the site section thumbnail tiles. Previously they had to configure each tile to be shown (i.e. the title, background image, link). The automated version builds this grid of tiles without any configuration other than the user specifying on the site itself whether it should be shown or not.