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What Is a Research and Development Grant

Dolphin Networks are passionate about supporting their clients to save money which enables re-investment into their business to drive growth. Some of our clients are working in the field of Research and Development (RnD) and could be claiming back Tax Credit – but are not aware of it.

We have partnered with Aspen Waite to help our client’s identify and claim back from Corporation Tax – email to learn more Come and join the conversation Purposeful Innovation LinkedIn Group and learn more about RnD and find out if you are in a space of innovation and how you can claim back Tax Credit from Corporation Tax.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

As you may be aware the government are offering employers with a PAYE scheme to pay employees wages up to %80, up to £2500. Our adviser partners Aspen Waite have prepared an extremely useful PDF which explains all the info you need to know about the scheme and how you can claim. Click the download icon below to download.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Aspen Waite

Can my business qualify for a
Research and Development claim?

Your business will need to be a limited company in the UK that is subject to Corporation Tax Carried out qualifying research and development activities. If you are unsure not a problem, simply send us an email or call our office directly and we can answer all your questions. As a business, you needed to have spent money on these projects, so that you claim back this investment.

RnD claims can be claimed from any sector. It occurs in everything from developing a bespoke online portal for your clients, cheese-making to chemical engineering, and construction to digital development. Please note the RnD standards for a claim are purposefully broad. Whatever size or business sector, if your business is attempting to ‘resolve technological or scientific uncertainties’ then this could be a qualifying activity.

This could include:
• Creating new processes, products or diversification of services.
• Modifying or adapting an existing process, product or service.
• Another consideration possibly you could be resolving technological
uncertainties and be carrying out qualifying R&D, innovation.
• Please note within the government’s accepted research and development definition,
R&D doesn’t have to have been successful to qualify.
• In addition, you can also incorporate work undertaken for a client,
as well as your own developments.

What costs can be claimed?

There are a wide range of qualifying activities, so if your company is attempting to solve scientific or technological uncertainty, then it is likely you are carrying out R&D.

  • The cost of employment – staff salaries and employer’s NIC and pension contributions
  • Materials and consumables – including utility bills – that are used in the R&D
  • The cost of subcontractors and certain other service providers can be claimed
  • Software and IT costs in some cases

“As a technology business we find ourselves constantly in a space of innovation, we spend a lot of time researching and developing new ways to enhance the current industry. We pride ourselves on great customer services.  Our passion means we spend a lot of our time on our business, not resting on our laurels. We keep our finger firmly on the pulse of the property industry, asking our customers what they need to help them compete, what helps them save time and resources, how we can help them be even more effective. As thriving business we work closely with Dolphin networks who help us identify where we can benefit through the Research & Developing we are undertaking. Then, we develop and resource our skills and our software to make everything work seamlessly.”

John Durrant Managing Director of Doctor Photo

Doctor Photo was established over ten years ago, the company is the longest established Property Photo enhancersin the UK  in fact, they created the category. Since then, the business has won several awards and, has grown to be one of the largest and most trusted in the UK, editing thousands upon thousands of images every month for clients in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Doctor Photo Timeline

January 9 2019

User interface redesign

User interface redesign

Redesign of the user interface to feel more interactive. Addition of more services such as CGI, Photo Visualisation and Day to Dusk. Facelift quicksend included – previously the customer was only allowed to send all items at once. After the redesign, if the customer wanted to send all images as the type Facelift, he could simply press the “Send all as Facelift” button and they would automatically be sent through as Facelifts.

March 13 2019

Additional upload file types

Additional upload file types

Allowed the system to accept PDF and DWG files as item uploads. Previously only image format was accepted. Also integrated a feature that allows the admin to upload a logo PSD file for a company and have it readily available at any time if the customer (who has previously attached their logo) requests an image to have their logo on it.

May 31 2019

Email release system rework

Email release system rework

The email system was redesigned from its original functionality, which previously sent out items every 30 minutes but only if the 24 hour deadline was expiring for a certain type of images. Now it releases them a lot earlier – either in the morning or the afternoon if they’re completed, and according to the upload time. Plus, there is an ability where all images for a single company can be released all at once. Additionally, instead of having individual links for each file in the release email, they’re zipped into one for convenience. If the Facelift type is urgent and there is more than one uploaded within 10 minutes , they are all released as soon as the last one is completed.

August 20 2019

Xero integration finalisation

Xero integration finalisation

From the main system, companies can be added to Xero as customers. When a button is pressed in the system, all items uploaded by a customer in one month are calculated and a draft invoice is automatically created in Xero for admin’s review. This integration also allows for bulk invoice creation so that the admin doesn’t have to go and individually create and send Xero invoices. They’re all ready to be sent with a click of a button.

October 18 2019

Paying client feature

Paying client feature

If a registered customer is uploading items for a client who will be paying, they have to input all the relevant information so that the other person can be invoiced. The uploaded items are excluded from the invoice for that particular customer. Instead, an automatic email is generated to admin, customer and the person who will be paying.

February 6 2020

Virtual Furnishing redesign

Virtual Furnishing redesign

Virtual Furnishing service is now split into two parts. One part, Bespoke, is how the service used to be in the first place, where customer uploads their own inspiration photos and provides instructions. The second part is new: Stylebook, which provides the user with a gallery of photos to choose from. The photos can be filtered by room and style, and once clicked they are enlarged in a popup window. When selected, the user is taken to the next screen where he can provide additional instructions, before finally sending it through. Images for the gallery are uploaded from the admin side and are hosted on the server.

Custom CRM development

Specialist recruitment solutions   £33,000 tax credit

This claim looked at implementing a brand new platform for  the company to operate for, moving away from multiple and inefficiency processes into one streamlined approach.

They rolled the solution out over their offices in stages, adapting and improving as they went, making substantial cost savings.

User-friendly custom coding

Alternative content management UI/UX   £2,000 tax credit

The company built a custom CMS (content management system) for their clients, taking an alternate approach to the UI design. They opted to develop a windows-based interface, to create an interface the typical user is accustomed to.

This approach enables less-competent users to update their websites and add new functionality without the need for a web designer.

Manufacturing safety systems

Lightweight, modular designs  £23,000 tax credit

This project looks at developing modular platforms that can be used on multi-storey building sites to help worker safety. It was also necessary to protect the workspace (i.e. listed buildings). Products developed include unique pulley systems and lightweight modular platforms.

The company works with CAD/CAM to manufacture the various solutions. We have claimed the cost of prototypes and materials consumed in the projects.

User-friendly custom coding

Alternative content management UI/UX   £2,000 tax credit

The company built a custom CMS (content management system) for their clients, taking an alternate approach to the UI design. They opted to develop a windows-based interface, to create an interface the typical user is accustomed to.

This approach enables less-competent users to update their websites and add new functionality without the need for a web designer.

Market-leading software

Processing nutritional data    £18,500 tax credit

This client develops market-leading software for the food industry, helping them to accurately assess the nutritional content of the recipes they produce. The software processes thousands of pieces of data, calculating and outputting the appropriate information.


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