Microsoft Azure

Build, manage, and monitor everything; from simple web apps to complex cloud deployments.

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Make the most of your Azure subscription.

Build, run, and manage business applications

Cloud Hosted Flexible Infrastructure

Cloud Hosted Flexible Infrastructure

If you're considering migrating your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, Azure Hosting solution allows you to resize your resources at any time, depending on your workload.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Our developers have a great deal of experience in designing, planning, and performing data migrations for businesses into the cloud - from creating SQL VM Farms in Azure, to using SQL-as-a-Service to replace your on-premises databases.



There are many tools within Azure, including Network Security Groups, which allow you to whitelist access to VM ports to given services / IP addresses. With Microsoft & Azure, everything is available securely, wherever you are, and on whatever device.

Auto Failover

Auto Failover

Another relevant Azure tool is Microsoft geo-redundant storage. This means your business data can be copied to a second region, so that in case of a natural disaster or even just a power loss, the traffic will fail over to another VM in a different country. This ensures business continues as normal.

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International CAFM Portal

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Sustainability Reporting BI Portal

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Bespoke .NET Development hosted in Azure

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Azure Services

Using the tools and frameworks of your choice to, bring together everything your business needs.


Virtual Server Farms

Choose the right VM for your workload, and scale from one to thousands of Linux or Windows VM instances in minutes.


App Service and Backends

Build enterprise-ready web & mobile apps, but you can also deploy them to a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.


Automated Functions

Run your custom code on demand and at scale in the cloud, and let Azure manage and run it instead of you.


Cloud SQL Database

Migrating your business workloads to a cloud SQL server will benefit you from an increase in security, performance, flexibility, and connectivity.