What is Azure?

The Azure cloud platform consists of more than 200 products that could help your business build, run, and manage business applications using the tools and frameworks of your choice to bring together everything your business needs in a secure way.

As a registered Microsoft Cloud Partner, we have a highly experienced team of developers ready to design your solution in the Azure cloud platform.

Azure Hosting Features

Virtual Server Farms

Deploy your business processes to servers in the cloud to reduce IT overheads.

App Service & Backends

Host your web application using the Azure infrastructure, without experiencing downtime for updates / maintenance.

Cloud SQL Databases

Allows users to easily analyse and reduce the time it takes to share data between business analysts, data engineers and data scientists.

Automated Functions

Deploy tasks & code in the cloud and run them on a schedule.


If your resource requirements suddenly change, you can increase or decrease capacity within minutes

Always On

Apps & SQL Databases running on Azure's platform always stay online, even during maintenance.

Cost Effective

You only pay for what you use, when you use it; you can reserve quantity by paying upfront and reduce your total cost of ownership


Azure's services come with at least 99.5% SLA, ranging up to 99.999% for mission-critical environments.

Our Azure Hosting Services

Cloud Hosted Flexible Infrastructure

With the help of our experts, we can assist you migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud which would provide you with the opportunity to resize your resources at any time. For instance, increase the RAM allocation to a web app during levels of high traffic and decrease it once the usage has lowered which would reduce your costs.

Data Migration

Moving your key document and data management platform into the cloud can be a daunting task. We have a great deal of experience in designing, planning, and performing data migrations for businesses into the Cloud. This could mean either creating a SQL VM in Azure or using SQL as a service to replace your on-premises database.


There are many data security & compliance tools within Azure including Network Security Groups, which allow you to whitelist access to VM ports to given services / IP addresses. Talk to us about your concerns and requirements. And of course, with Microsoft & Azure, everything is available securely wherever you are and on whatever device.

Auto Failover and Redundancy

If your application requires resilience, we can help you make use of the Microsoft geo-redundant storage. This means that your business data would be copied to a second region so that in case of a natural disaster or just a power loss causing failure in a VM, the traffic will fail over to another VM in a different country which mirrors the original one.

Case Studies

Macro - Business Intelligence Through SharePoint
Macro - Business Intelligence Through SharePoint
Invesco - Business Intelligence Sustainability Reporting
Invesco - Business Intelligence Sustainability Reporting

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